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Drink vitamins to get in shape

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Drink vitamins to get in shape

Neither a magic potion nor a diet drink – detox water is nothing more than tap water mixed with fresh fruits and herbs. Which is precisely why it is so healthy! Here's an introduction to our three favourite creations, from fruity to tangy.

The sun has barely tickled us with its rays yet we're eagerly getting out our sundresses – before we soberly realise that our favourite blouse is a bit stretched over the stomach. Well, this is the year we'll finally achieve that bikini body. Rather than indulging on beer, spritzers and countless ice lollies in summer, we could instead detox the body after the winter feasting period and start summer with a lightness in our step. This is best done with detox water: tap water mixed with fruits and herbs.

Detox is short for detoxification, which involves excreting toxins from the body through sweating sessions, eating raw fruit and vegetables, increasing fluid intake and therapeutic fasting. Opinions differ on this issue because there have been no clear medical findings on the effectiveness of these treatments. But what has been proven is that drinking plenty of fluids is important as it keeps our body in balance, gives us energy and helps us to stay healthy. 1.5 to 3 litres a day is recommended – and we're obviously not talking about cappuccinos, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. Water and herbal teas are best for the body.

Detox water alone accomplishes no miracles. A balanced diet with lots of vegetables, high fibre foods, low alcohol intake and plenty of exercise are also important in feeling fitter and more energetic. Of course, you can enjoy a glass of white wine or good chocolate ice cream now and then – but it's up to you to keep it moderate!

We recommend detox water to anyone who no longer likes plain water. Just take a few fruits and herbs that you like, cut them into pieces and fill a glass. Then pour tap water over the fruit, put a lid on the glass or the pitcher and leave overnight in the refrigerator. The next morning, it will have turned into delicious flavoured water which also looks good – a nice feature at brunch or on your office desk. And it's healthier and cheaper than any energy drink or sugary juice sold.

Here are our three favourite creations:

Sparkling energy kick

Fill a glass with a few slices of cucumber, lemon, lime and ginger. Pour water into the glass and you're done. Citrus fruits are alkaline and help overly acidic bodies (a result of too much fatty meat, sugar and alcohol) get back into balance.

Berry vitamin bomb

Put a handful of blueberries (fresh or frozen) and slices of orange in a glass and be amazed the next day at the deep blue colour of the water. The skin of blueberries contain valuable substances that prevent many diseases and inhibit inflammation.

Healthy strawberry cocktail

It looks a bit like a berry mojito – a healthier one at that. Slice a handful of strawberries into quarters and add a few slices of lemon to a glass. Wash a few fresh mint leaves, place them on your open hand and clap the other hand on top – just once! In an instant,the flavours are released from the leaves. Now put them into the glass and fill with water.

The vitamin water tastes best when you let it stand for a few hours to allow the aromas to develop. They look especially pretty in jars like in the photos. You can buy jars in any large supermarket. Cheers!