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Digilab Recording Studios ‚Äď Sound and Voices

Digilab is a full service audio post-production facility based around 3 control rooms featuring Pro Tools HD systems and 2 recording rooms. The studio offers a wide variety of services on a twenty years experience basis for movies, documentaries, advertising, corporate and the music industry.
Sound Engineering and sound design
Experienced audio engineers, voiceover artists, and project directors ensure you get lively, articulate and flawless recordings.
Translation, Adaptation, Voice Castings
Language is no barrier to us. We translate your scripts to ensure the original language is perfectly adapted to the style and presentation you require. We offer a large range of national and international artists to suit your preferences and budget.
Dubbing and Voiceovers
We supply the most appropriate foreign version for your production, whether in movies, documentaries, commercials or anything else where lively human voices are required.
Worldwide connectivity
Using ISDN allows us to access various remote talents and partner studios, with pristine sound and full direct control of the project. ISDN gives us real-time worldwide coverage, providing our clients with voicing services in virtually any language.
Video Production and Vocal Coaching
In co-operation with Inmagine.ch and Edizioni&Voci, we can also offer a wide palette of video services and voice coaching and training.
Some of our clients:
SRG SSR Ideé Suisse, RSI La1 e La2

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