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Ayurvedic massage in Geneva!

Are you looking for ayurvedic massage and treatment in Geneva? You have come to the right place! Ayurvedic treatments are always done taking into account the constitution of the person; they rebalance the vital energies by toning the body and organs, they provide deep relaxation and harmony and, practiced regularly, contribute effectively to the maintenance of good health. An healing art for today! I propose different ayurvedic treatments, all personalized to best suit your needs.

Ayurvedic massages and care:

ABHYANGA: Full body massage with warm oils, stimulating reflex points: both gentle and energetic, it eliminates toxins, stimulates blood circulation, balances energy, soothes and tones.

SHIRODHARA:  THE Anti-stress treatment. After the massage of the body to prepare the relaxation, a trickle of warm oil or rose water flows on the forehead for complete relaxation: powerfully relieves nervous tension, brings a deep relaxation.

KANSU: Traditional foot massage with a copper bowl; by touching many reflex points, the foot massage benefits the body as a whole, balances the fire element and brings a great relaxation.

MASSAGE OF BREUSS / HAKIM In addition to Ayurvedic treatments, I also propose the massage of the spine with St. John's wort oil according to the method of Breuss: gentle and slow massage, it acts deeply on the physical and energetic levelson the spine as well as on reflex zones and muscles along the spine, it relieves back and lumbar pain.

I also offer, if you wish, advice on physical exercise, breathing practices and meditationaccording to ayurveda. Visit my website for more information and for all the contact details: https://www.jaimassage.com/


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