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Moving Company Basel

Are you moving to Basel because of your job? Before you move to Basel, it should be in your best interest to gather information about moving to Basel. In this guide, you'll get details on local movers, life in the city and things to consider after you move. Basel is a great place for sightseeing and full of activities. You will be surprised to visit Kunstmuseum Basel here and you could leave your children in a kindergarten next to Kunsthalle Basel.


Get help with your move to Basel here

If you want to move to Basel or just within the city, CLASSIC UMZUEGE is a very big help. With a professional moving company like Classic Umzüge in Basel, you benefit from safe transport and additional services such as packaging and storage.


Moving to Basel: What are the expected costs?

Just like in any other Swiss city, the amount of moving costs depends on a number of factors. These factors include:

  • The total amount of items
  • The moving distance
  • Accessibility for both your old and new home
  • Additional Services Requested

Some of the issues to consider when moving to Basel include parking permits and traffic jams, among others. Although Basel's streets are quite prone to traffic delays, it's not as bad as in larger cities such as Zurich. However, you should still be aware of the busy roads during rush hours as they could affect your driving distance and driving time. Therefore, also keep the limited parking options in mind when planning your move, as you are usually responsible for applying for permits yourself. All of these things can add to your moving expenses.

The following two tables show you the average costs of moving companies in Basel for moves of less than 50 kilometers and additional services.


Average cost of local and long-distance moves

Local Move:

1 room : 600 -700CHF

2 rooms: 650 -850CHF

3 rooms: 850 - 1200CHF

4 rooms: 1200 - 1600CHF


Long-distance move:

1 room : 1000 -1200CHF

2 rooms: 1250 -1450CHF

3 rooms: 1450 - 1800CHF

4 rooms: 2000 - 4000CHF


Moving Services

Parking permit: CHF 90 - 150

Dismantling and assembly: CHF 300

Storage: CHF 250 per month

Cleaning: CHF 25 per hour

Transport of pianos CHF 450 - 700


We therefore recommend that you apply for parking permits, deferrals or special permits well in advance of your move. In this way you avoid unexpected high costs in the long run if you or the removal helpers receive a fine. These fines, which are often higher than the cost of a properly executed move, are therefore passed on to you.

We are a moving company in Basel, but we also operate in Liestal etc. Last week we carried out many moves to and from Reinach as well as to Aesch - Binningen - Oberwil - Pratteln and Riehen.

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