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VHERNIER is a brand that was founded in 1984 in Valenza, Italy, world capital in the crafting of haute jewellery.

A style beyond fashion trends

The natural world, as well as suggestions from modern art and architecture, are important sources of inspiration for VHERNIER. Lines and volumes are reworked and sublimated, culminating with new syntheses in jewellery pieces that do not follow fashion trends. For this reason, they are eternally contemporary.

VHERNIER does not follow codes set by others; instead, it creates new ones.

Fluid shapes, yet sculptural. Generous volumes and ergonomic designs. Understated in its approach, even for its most important pieces, VHERNIER never transforms luxury into exhibition.

Abbraccio, Tourbillon, Calla, Sorpresa, Plateau... each VHERNIER collection consists of unique pieces crafted by hand by true masters in the art of goldsmithing: rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and even the famous animal brooches with their amazing transparencies. The strictly natural materials range from the highest-quality diamonds, to extraordinary coloured stones, to unexpected materials such as Kogolong and ebony.

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