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Terms of payment
Terms of payment

Description and special features

Maintenance work

Quality work and careful care!

95% of Trinchan Paysages Sàrl's clients are private individuals. Nevertheless, Gilles Trinchan is open to other customers and already has a contract with a community and a hotel.

For your parks, Trinchan Paysages Sàrl ensures every kind of care, including:

  •     Lawn care (all types of surfaces), including cutting and fertilizer treatment)
  •     Sowing of flower meadows (small areas, by arrangement)
  •     Tree cutting (also on green hedges or at forest edges)
  •     hedge trimming
  •     Pruning trees
  •     Pruning (on agreement)
  •     Cases of small or large trees
  •     different treatments *

* Trinchan Paysages Sàrl holds the Nursing Permit.

Room design

The architect of your green spaces

Trinchan Paysages Sàrl designs every design plan carefully according to the needs and wishes of its customers, always taking into account the environment, the soil type, your plants and their care needs.

He goes to the nursery for you and plants all the seedlings necessary for the tree and plant design of your garden. In other words ... he fulfills all your wishes.

green areas

  •     Planting of flowerbeds / troughs
  •     Planting trees, shrubs, evergreens, grasses and hedges
  •     Sliding plants

Beautify your outdoor facilities

  •     Rockeries (different colors and sizes)
  •     Tiles and paving for your terraces and gardens with tiles for outdoor or stone (replacing old tiles or      redesigning from A to Z ...) *
  •     Construction of concrete staircase or spiral staircases
  •     mounts
  •     Demarcation between lawns and plantings (wood, concrete)
  •     Fences, palisades, screens, boundaries of parcels
  •     Biotopes (garden ponds)

* As soon as your terrace is ready, we will take care of it by cleaning it with high pressure and maintaining the panels so that no moss gets attached. If you want a stone terrace in the raw state, we bring rough stones in the quarry.

Delivery of accessories

At your service...

Gilles Trinchan not only beautifies your garden, but also delivers what you need to your home ...

For example seeds if you want to plant your own flowers.

It also provides you with the right soil and the necessary garden material.

Do you need more stones for your rock garden? Order your material from Trinchan Paysages Sàrl for the size and color of your landscape as you wish.

Important: Depending on the material we need a delivery time of 48 hours!

Are you looking for a place where you can hibernate your plants and shrubs? Trinchan Paysages Sàrl offers you the opportunity to spend the winter in the hothouse and, if necessary, to take care of it.


Who is hiding behind these beautiful gardens?

After a three-year apprenticeship as a horticulturist / landscape gardener, Gilles Trinchan spent several years with various landscape architects before venturing into self-employment in January 2013 and founding Trinchan Paysages Sàrl.

A few months later, in July 2013, a former colleague followed him and became his first employee.

For Gilles Trinchan it is important to work according to the rules of the art and professional in order to always satisfy the customers.

At Trinchan Paysages Sàrl all materials are processed.

Thanks to his innate sense of aesthetics, Gilles Trinchan makes your gardens bloom, enhances your environment by building or redesigning your green spaces, cutting your trees and shrubs, and above all advising you and giving your plants the necessary care!

Gilles Trinchan is not just a landscape architect, he is the designer of your green spaces ...

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