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in Therwil and Riehen
Simone Littlejohn
Open · until 18:30
KĂ€nelmattweg 5
4106 Therwil
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Description and special features

We believe communication in English is the key to success and offer a rich variety of English classes and activities for children, teenagers and adults. Please visit our website for information: www.aheadwithenglish.com. It will be a pleasure to meet you.


Our Philosophy

We believe effective communication is the key to success.  Our aim is to develop the skills needed  to communicate in the English language with ease and confidence.​

We believe that everyone is capable of learning English and of improving at all levels.​

We believe a positive, nurturing, comfortable and caring  environment is essential for learning.We believe in small, student-centered  hands-on classes and avoid the use of technology in our classes.


Unsere Philosophie

Wir sind davon ĂŒberzeugt, das effektive Kommunikation der SchlĂŒssel zum Erfolg ist. Daher ist es unser Ziel, die FĂ€higkeiten zu entwickeln und zu fördern, die notwendig sind, um in Englisch mit einer ungezwungenen NatĂŒrlichkeit und einem gesunden Selbstvertrauen zu kommunizieren.


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