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Ayurveda in Switzerland

402 Entries

Institut Maharishi

Avenue Wendt 56, 1203 Genève
Transcendental Meditation, energy, creativity, confidence, bliss, yoga

Learn Transcendental Meditation in Geneva — a short course in English with an experienced teacher for a lifetime of benefits TM is a simple, natural mental technique for « transcending » : allowing the mind to naturally settle down to a state of pure awareness, of inner silence and serenity. The body gains deep rest and stress and fatigue naturally dissolve. The results are felt almost immediately and regular practice brings increasing energy, creativity, confidence and bliss. Introductory talks on the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique by a certified TM teacher are taking place regularly at the Institut. More infos... Maharishi AyurvedaMaharishi Ayurveda is the timeless knowledge of complete health for the individual and society contained in the Veda and Vedic Literature, the most fundamental Laws of Nature governing the orderly evolution of the universe.Ayurveda has been restored for its full practical value and range of application by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, working with eminent Ayurvedic physicians. Through the prevention-oriented knowledge of health care provided by Maharishi Ayurveda, every individual has the real opportunity to achieve long, long life in good health.ConsultationThe Maharishi Ayurveda approach focuses in identifying imbalances in the body and mind, and restoring balance to support the innate healing and self repair process within the body. The vaidya will employ the Ayurvedic technique of nadivigyan (pulse assessment) to detect imbalances before they develop into more significant concerns. With three fingers on the pulse, the Ayurvedic expert can read a detailed story of your physiology.Your personal health assessment will include the following recommendations from our qualified practitioners in Maharishi Ayurveda: Dietary Information Herbal food supplements recommended for nourishing and balancing your personal body’s system. Lifestyle recommendations (if needed) Detox programs (when needed) Educational follow-up to help you gain the benefits Side benefits rather than side effects You will leave the appointment with easy to follow guidelines to help restore balance and enhance your body’s own healing process. Benefits generally noticed in the first few weeks. For more information or an appointment with a qualified practitioner in Maharishi Ayurveda please contact Philippe at phmercanton@mt-geneve.ch or 022 940 23 04.

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