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Design in Switzerland

9754 Entries

Fabiano, Franke & MGT Marchi, Brevetti & Design

Piazzetta San Carlo 2, 6900 Lugano
Patent attorneyProtection of trademarks officeLegal adviceDesign

Welcome to Fabiano, Franke & MGTWe are a consultancy firm, specialising in the field of industrial property that operates nationally in Switzerland and internationally. Our mission is to transform the intangible into the tangible, to help our clients create value from their ideas, their innovations, their distinctiveness. We realise that a complete understanding of our clients' ideas, inventions and business objectives, together with dedication to them, is essential to creating a valuable portfolio of industrial property rights. Therefore, we provide customised services to our clients, whether they are large industrial groups or small inventors. To realise our mission, we have built a partnership with some of the best intellectual property professionals working in Switzerland and Europe. We are, in fact, in partnership with Franke & Partner of Munich, the Torner & Juncosa I Associats of Barcelona, the Italian MGT (Milan, Novara, Perugia and Lecco) and have a network of correspondents that allows us to protect our clients' rights in all countries of the world. Welcome to Fabiano, Franke & MGT ! Our services specifically PATENTS → Study, preparation and filing of patent applications for invention in Switzerland and abroad → Continuation of proceedings up to the granting and subsequent defence of the acquired right → Opposition and appeal proceedings → Advising on the validity and infringement of patents → Prior art searches in international databases → Surveillance and reporting of competing patent rights → Validation of European patents in Switzerland and Italy → Assisting with and preparing assignment or licensing agreements → Continuation of proceedings up to the granting and subsequent defence of the right to purchase → Assistance in the development of new projects taking into account the presence of pre-existing rights → Assistance before Swiss, Italian and foreign courts → Assessing the commercial value of a patent or patent application TRADEMARKS → Study, preparation and filing of applications for Swiss, International, European and individual trademark registration in each country worldwide → Continuation of proceedings up to the grant and subsequent defence of the acquired right → Opposition proceedings against the granting of competing trademarks → Advising in connection with infringement problems with own or third-party trademarks → Searches for earlier, identical or similar trademarks nationally and internationally → Assistance in cases of assignments or licenses → Surveillance of trademarks registered and/or filed by third parties → Assessment of the commercial value of a trademark DESIGN → Study, preparation and filing of Swiss, international, European and individual design applications worldwide → Searches between national and international designs → Advice in connection with infringement or slavish imitation problems → Design transfers in Switzerland and abroad → Regular reporting of competitor designs COPYRIGHT → Studying, preparing and filing copyright applications with the Società Italiana Autori ed Editori (SIAE) for unpublished works, with the Literary Property Office for published works and with the Public Register for software → Advising on copyright infringement issues DOMAIN NAMES → Registration of domain names → Deadline management → Domain name disputes and defence → Reassignment Procedures *** LATEST NEWS: BOLDBRAIN 2022 The fifth edition of the Boldbrain Startup Challenge, Ticino's accelerator for young start-ups, opens at USI Campus Ovest Info: www.boldbrain.ch Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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Closed - Opens Tomorrow at 8:30 o’clock
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