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Vegetables in Switzerland

362 Entries

SwissPlant GmbH

Spitzallmendweg 11, 3225 Müntschemier
Nursery and plantsVegetables

In the beginning, all these vegetables and salads are seedings, which come directly from AgriPlant here in Müntschemier. CEO and founder of both of our companies, SwissPlant Ltd. and AgriPlant Corp., is Martin Löffel. He summarizes the process from the seedings growing to plants like this: "We grow the seedings and then supply the cultivation firms with saplings. These then get planted out in the fields." The tranding company (SwissPlant) offers vegetables in all possible variations and sizes. Through years of experience, whe can guarantee competent and specific consultings for our climatic circumstances. Our product line is based around products of different breeding programs from worldwide leading companies. Our suppliers are Bejo, Enza, Rijk Zwaan, Hild, Syngenta and Sakata. We obtain the soild we're using from Floragard and Klasmann. Portfolio 3cm potSalads and celery 4cm single potSalads, cabbages and celery 4cm potSalads, cabbages and celery 6cm soil potZucchini 8cm soil potTomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini for hobbyists SuperseedingLeek and fennel G195Cabbages and celery G280Cabbages and celery We offer warm house plants in various variants. For example refined or unrefined plants or plants in mineral wool or soil. If you need any client-specific information or have questions, our sales team would be happy to help.

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Opens at 7:30 o’clock
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