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Wood staining in Switzerland

17 Entries

C.B.S. Peinture Sàrl

Route de Saint-Aubin 88, 1564 Domdidier

Paint Treatment of new exterior and interior wood Maintenance of all exterior and interior surfaces Application of all types of plaster, standard, decorative or special Supply and installation of all coverings, interior, such as woodchip paper, wallpaper of all kinds (standard, velvet, fabric, skandatex, variolis and others) Natural or current painting on all types of woodwork (interior and exterior) Advice on the choice of interior and exterior colours Cleaning and treatment of all surfaces (interior and exterior) such as mould, soot, grease and other stains Renovation of all facades, treatment of cracks, repairs of all kinds of damage, dispersion and finishing plaster on all types of materials High pressure cleaning Scrubbing Free estimate Interior and exterior insulation Study of the probability of external insulation Complete offer and study for cantonal subsidies Installation of shelves in aluminium, granite, concrete or other materials Supply and installation of special elements for exterior renovations (shutters, blinds, embrasures) (shutters, blinds, embrasures) Peripheral insulation on all surfaces (new or renovated buildings, extensions or other) Supply and installation of all types of insulation (stone wool, polyestirene) of all thicknesses Precise cutting of eaves slopes, details, embrasures and miscellaneous Sanitation of the sub-basements Supply of samples of facade colours or other shades Free advice Free studies and offers Scaffolding Hire and erection of scaffolding Access ladder Roofing bridges for tinsmiths or roofers Fixed price according to offer No surprise for fixed deadline Possibility of personal work Free quotation

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