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Maroquinerie in Thoune

98 Entries

Atelier du Bracelet Sàrl

Rue Sigismond-Thalberg 8, 1201 Genève
WatchbandsLeather goods
Your tailor-made strap for your watch

We offer to our Clients rembordés (rolled edges) straps of quality that match their needs. Every strap we craft is handmade and tailor-made in Geneva, and we let you choose the leather (classic or exotic), the colours of every part (leather, stitching, lining, loops), the thickness of your strap, its shape and a hot stamping should you want one. Your straps or small leather goods are made in a traditional way in our workshop located in the heart of Geneva by our experiences workers, who have more than 30 years of experience! What does « rolled-edges » or « rembordé » mean? It is a way of crafting our straps which makes the straps more resistant and, therefore gives them a higher life expectancy. To do that, we have to take more leather than usual (approximately 2 times), we put it over the interior of the strap (the soul). Then, there will be enough leather to take it back and reverse it under the soul.The lining will then be added and will hide the comeback of the leather. The sides of your strap will be identical to the rest of it. Since we produce tailor-made straps based on your needs and wishes, here are some of the customisations options we offer: The shape of your strap (flat, cambered) The leather to use (wide range available, classic or exotic) If you want stitching, and, if yes, which color (not mandatory, we can do straps without stitching thanks to the « rolled-edges » method) The lining The colours combinations (matching shades, with a reminder to the lining or any part of the watch, …) The thickness, the length, the width of the strap If you want quick release spring bars, which give you the ability to change your straps on your own (handy if you have several straps) The making of a strap around an insert With the amount of holes you want Shape of the tip/end of the strap (round, squared, bevelled) Of course, should you want to customise anything else, please tell us and we will do our best to make it possible!We also offer to our Clients who want it to create other leather goods in the same colours/leather in order to have a range of products that fit together, such as belts, wallets, key holders, jewellery and object covering.Below is a list of some of the leather (classic and exotic ones) that constitutes our range of products: Alligator Mississippiensis, Crocodile’s flank and Nile crocodile (Hornback) Stringray (pearly or polished) Lizard Java and Teju Nile perch and Salmon Toad, Magolo and Rooster’s leg Ostrich and Ostrich’s leg Python, Cobra and water snake Shark Veal, Lamb and Buffalo Printed leathers (carbon, look-alike, lace, …) These leathers are available in different sizes and colours. Every Client is a special guest to us who can discover in details what we have by coming to our workshop.The Atelier du Bracelet, Genève, offers the following products: Straps for your watch Belts Wallets Card holders Key holders Pockets and stands for laptop and mobile phone Wrist bracelets (women/men) Necklace (mainly polished stingray) Leather covering or stingray covering (of various objects) We will be more than happy to welcome you in our workshop in order to take all the necessary measures for your new straps and to hear how the perfect strap you imagined is. We will take this opportunity to ask you about all the details of your future strap. We are ready to hear all your ideas and will do our best to make your wishes come true! Obviously, we will help you to change your strap on your watch. The delay between your order and the birth of your strap is about three or four weeks, depending on the number of opened orders at the time or your order. Since we understand you can be eager to quickly receive your strap, we offer a « priority production option » as well (there won’t be any impact on the quality of your straps, of course!). We remain at your disposal should you need more details. Please feel free to contact us!

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Closed - Opens Tuesday at 12:00 o’clock
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