Unwanted telemarketing calls.

We have verified the number 055 588 00 09 as being a telemarketing number.

Lots of people have searched for the number 055 588 00 09 at local.ch. This is related to unwanted telemarketing.

How to protect yourself

In answering the following questions, you provide your consent for us to forward your enquiry to SECO (Swiss State Secretary for Economic Affairs)to combat telemarketing:

1. Does the number called have a starred listing in the telephone book?

You need to have a starred listing (*) in order to make this complaint.
Register a free starred entry (*) here.

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2. Did you accept the call from the number 055 588 00 09?

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3. Are you a customer of the caller?

If you are a customer of the caller or their employer, as a general rule they are permitted to contact you.

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4. What exactly was the problem?

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5. Further details: How did the conversation go?

Please give us the following information so that we can forward your complaint to SECO.


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What can I do?

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