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I specialize in the creation of unique and personalized pieces. This concept is ideal for making alliances. Couples who are getting married are increasingly looking for exclusive and exclusive wedding rings.
The tailor-made allows the jewelry to be adjusted as closely as possible to its recipient; each individual is unique, the shape of his fingers, of his neck, of his bust are different and require small adjustments so that the jewel is comfortable and of good behavior.

I use a manufacturing method that allows customers to follow the evolution of the creation of the jewel and thus to be able to intervene at each step to redirect the work and validate what has already been executed. The process of making a piece of jewelry or a pair of wedding rings can go through the following phases: project development, drawings, testing of the wax prototype, testing of the metal jewelry and choice of finishes.

I offer all the gold alloys, platinum, palladium and silver.
I can also make alliances for you in other materials such as steel, titan, carbon fiber, wood, enamel ...
White and colored diamonds. Precious stones and pearls.

Since 2008, I offer my customers to make their own gold jewelry with guaranteed traceability, I offer different options: MAX HAVLAAR gold, its production respects the environment and improves the social conditions of gold washers with a more equitable distribution gains. The gold coming only from recycling offered by Swiss refining houses, which is my standard daughter for my jewelry creations. It is also possible to make your jewelry by recycling your old gold, provided that it is technically feasible.

I have a very nice collection of ethical natural sapphire from Madagascar.

It is important to be able to fulfill the wishes of the clients in the measure of their finances. The realization of a wax prototype allows me to calculate the final price before starting to work in precious materials. So, you can know the price of the jewel in the different precious metals before making your final choice.

I only receive by appointment, which allows me to take the time to discuss the projects in all discretion. I welcome my clients into my workshop, which is located in an old period laundry room, a place a little different from a standard jewelry store. This slightly offbeat place highlights the artisanal and creative side of the trade. During the fittings, I realize any changes before your eyes.

I have developed a concept of gift idea that allows you to offer a piece of jewelry without making a mistake in taste. The idea is to buy a gem (pearl, stone, diamond) and offer it with an appointment with the creator.

In addition to custom jewelry, I create small collections of jewelry inspired by my travels or the nature around me. I present them on my website or at exhibitions.

I am at your disposal for further information. I welcome you to discuss a project and this without commitment on your part.

We look forward to meeting you to share a creative experience!

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Prodotti e servizi

Alliances uniques et personnalisées
Alliances uniques et personnalisées

Des alliances réalisées sur mesure, des pièces uniques, personnalisées selon vos envies.
Or éthique, platine, palladium, argent, carbone, bois, diamants, saphir, ... . possibilité de recycler vos bijoux en or et vos diamants.
D'autres modèles exposés sur mon site internet
Je vous reçois sur rendez-vous dans mon atelier pour discuter de votre projet afin de vous faire une offre.

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Idée cadeau
Idée cadeau

Vous cherchez une idée cadeau original?
Pourquoi ne pas offrir une pierre précieuse, un diamant ou une perle avec un rendez-vous chez la créatrice, pour réaliser, dans un deuxième temps, un bijou sur mesure et selon les désirs du destinataire du cadeau

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Bagues de fiançailles
Bagues de fiançailles

Solitaires, bague de fiançailles crées sur mesure en fonction de vos désirs et de votre budget.

Le sur-mesure permet de créer des modèles classiques, mais aussi plus personnalisés qui correspondent à votre propre mode de vie. Il n'y a pas de limite à la créativité !

Je vous reçois sur rende-vous dans mon atelier pour discuter de votre porjet, ceci sans engagement de votre part. Vous me racontez votre idée, je vous conseil sur les aspects techniques et nous définissons ensemble un design que je pourrai dans un premier temps vous budgetiser.

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