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All Playground equipment in Arlesheim
KuKuk Schweiz GmbH

KuKuk Schweiz GmbH

Playground equipment in Arlesheim

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Playgrounds support children's movement in a manageable and safe place. Children can meet each other in play.

Space is defined in human experience by the three dimensions of height, width and depth. It is a fundamental component of reality. We give meaning to spaces and fill them with life. We provide structures and thus organize the space in such a way that users can unfold in it. Our goal is the identification of people with and their integration into the space.

KuKuK develops, plans and builds unique play spaces for kindergartens and schools, on private and public grounds, in recreational parks, for therapeutic facilities and for private individuals.

Design from a single source - from the planning table to the finishing touches on the construction site - from the idea to completion - is our strength.
The needs of the users and the conditions on site are an important basis of our work process.

  • We develop and plan individual playground equipment and are responsible for its installation in the outdoor area.
  • We create plans for complete facilities on the subject of play and sensory space.
  • We offer planning workshops in which we develop the future of their play space with those involved in the project.
  • On request, we build play objects in the outdoor space together with participants and later users.

Just ask us. Together with you we develop the appropriate ideas and their realization.



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