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Nembrini Nathalie
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About us and natural wine


After a few years of exciting tastings, the relationship with natural wine turns into a real passion, surprised by the variety of flavors, aromas and colors, Nathalie and Roberto Nembrini decide to turn it into a business. Promoting and sharing their feelings becomes a mission. Their dream? Convince people to make a careful and respectful choice of nature.

Together with the gastronome and home chef Philippe Kämpf, they organize tastings and aperitifs accompanied by genuine and innovative cuisine.

Natur Bacco, the natural wine shop in Bellinzona, awaits you for a new food and wine experience



Who makes it?
An independent winemaker who processes grapes from his own vineyards.

Processing in the vineyard
The minimum requirement is organic, the intervention must also be the minimum possible, excluding herbicides, insecticides or synthetic pesticides. Furthermore, the vineyard has a low yield which favors quality. The grapes are chased harvested manually.

In the basement
Fermentation occurs spontaneously by means of indigenous yeasts and therefore no aids are added to the fermentation (enzymes, yeasts, ...). The addition of concentrated musts, sugar and substances that help to adjust acidity or other additives are also waived. No clarifications, microfiltrations or micro oxygenations are carried out.

Sulphites / sulfur dioxide (SO2)
Sulphites in wine are naturally present given by the action of yeast on the grape skin. In the EU you can add up to 160 mg per liter in reds, 210 mg per liter in whites and rosés. In organic wines the threshold is 100 mg per liter for reds and 150 mg per liter for whites.

For example, in natural wines that follow the guidelines of the "VinNatur" association, sulfur dioxide is the only permitted ingredient. The quantity of SO2 in the bottle must not exceed 30 mg per liter in reds and 50 mg per liter in white wines (incl. Sparkling, semi-sparkling and sweet)

Health and ecology
In viticulture in general, while occupying only 3% of arable land, 65% of the total fungicides used in agriculture are used. All the substances used both in the vineyard and in the cellar are found in the finished product and even if in small quantities the "cocktail" effect they can have on health is not yet known.
Natural wines respect the environment and the territory as well as the health of winemakers and consumers.

IN SUMMARY: We want to re-educate the taste towards a wine closer to nature and to people

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