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Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Rumansch, Spanish


Overcome linguistic and legal barriers with confidence

With our legal linguistic services (translation, interpreting, legalisation etc.) alongside our legal drafting and implementation services (research, contractual drafting, securing of evidence, etc.), we can support you within complex procedures. We help our clients to overcome linguistic and legal barriers in various legal systems with confidence.

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Products and Services

Legal translations
Legal translations

Our team is made up of jurists, lawyers and legal linguists with practical experience in various specialist areas, who have trained in various countries and legal systems. We are able to guarantee the optimal quality of our legal translations throughout all areas of the law.

We will convince you with

  • legal precision
  • superior linguistic style
  • consistent quality
  • strict confidentiality
  • short turn-around times
  • attractive pricing

Custom solutions

  • Translations (Professional human translation / Premium post-editing)
  • Creation of glossaries
  • Summary translation
  • Review (either language only or language and content)
  • Adjustment
  • Quality review

With our global competency network we translate from/to:

  • Group A: Dutch; German; English; French; Italian; Portuguese; Spanish
  • Group B: Bosnian; Croatian; Czech; Danish; Norwegian; Polish; Romanian; Serbian (Latin); Slovakian; Slovenian; Swedish
  • Group C: Bulgarian; Greek; Latvian; Russian; Serbian (Cyrillic); Turkish; Ukrainian
  • Group D: Arabic; Chinese; Estonian; Finnish; Hebrew; Hindi; Hungarian; Japanese; Korean; Thai; Vietnamese

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Legal interpreting services
Legal interpreting services

We offer consecutive interpreting services in the most common language combinations at any location desired by the client.

Due to their knowledge of the legal content at issue, our professional and socially competent interpreters are reliable and important partners in providing interpretation services during

  • contractual negotiations
  • conciliation procedures
  • mediation
  • notarisations
  • arbitration proceedings
  • interviews and examination hearings
  • M&A transactions
  • presentations

The right type of interpreting service for your event

  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Negotiations interpreting
  • Conferences & conventions
  • Guided tours
  • Whispered interpreting

Combination services

  • Translation and interpreting
  • Simultaneous interpreting equipment
  • Recording and transcription with or without interpreting
  • Interpreting with audio recording

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Translations for official use
Translations for official use

Do you have documents that you need to have translated and submitted to an authority in another canton or country? Depending on the country, the authority and the intended use of the translated document, there are different formal requirements for translation and certification. We will identify the relevant requirements for your project, advise you and implement the necessary measures. 

Worldwide, fast and trustworthy

  • We advise
  • We translate
  • We certify and obtain certifications and authentications


  1. Declaration of due care
  2. Certified signature
  3. Sworn translator
  4. Affidavit 
  5. Certified translation

Certification / Legalisation

We would be happy to translate and deliver the required documents together with

  • our partner notaries public,
  • the competent state chancelleries and authorities,
  • other authorities (chancelleries, consulates, embassies), and
  • our logistics partners and courier services.

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Minutes and transcription service
Minutes and transcription service

Multilingual and internationally active organisations, associations and companies need foreign-language minutes and transcripts of audio recordings in various situations.

Minutes and transcriptions of meetings, negotiations, interviews, telephone conversations or internal proceedings can often not be recorded or transcribed in-house for various reasons, such as confidentiality, lack of language competence/resources, desired neutrality, etc.

Minutes services

We provide you with experienced mother-tongue or multilingual minute takers who are able to create the minutes directly on-site. If required, we translate the minutes into the desired target languages and guarantee the highest precision. This includes

  • meetings of boards of directors
  • meetings of management boards
  • project committees
  • disciplinary procedures
  • proceedings before specialist boards

Transcription services

Do you need a verbatim transcript of, e.g.,

  • meetings
  • negotiations
  • interviews
  • examination hearings

We make professional audio and video recordings and then provide a verbatim transcription. If required, we translate the transcripts into the desired languages.

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