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Marc Renggli, Attorney-at-law + notary public(Renggli & Renggli & Kunz), CH-Biel

Certified Specialist SBA Inheritance Law



In Switzerland, a bit more than 120 attorneys-at-law have completed the training as Certified Specialist SBA Inheritance Law upon now.

To be admitted to this training, it is necessary to prove an especially important practical experience in law of inheritance at the moment of the registration. The training "CAS law of inheritance", which is organized in German language by the University of Zürich, includes, in addition to important self-studies, several training blocks in which all domains of law of inheritance inclusive international law of inheritance and trusts, company succession and tax issues are treated. The training as Certified Specialist SBA Inheritance Law is completed by a final written and oral exam (the latter consists of an expert discussion with two members of the expert commission). Once conferred the title, the Certified Specialist SBA Inheritance Law is obliged to continue furthertraining, and this is monitored on a regular basis.

In cases of law of inheritance, the client benefits from the high level of competence of the Certified Specialist SBA Inheritance Law because with his special knowledge, the latter can often carry out the clients' instructions more quickly and more effectively.

Mr. attorney-at-law and notary public Marc Renggli has specialized in the specialist field of law of inheritance and is the first and actually the only Certified Specialist SBA Inheritance Law in the area Biel/Bienne-Neuchâtel-Jura. Thanks to his decade-long experience as generalist and hisfurther training in all legal domains he is able to advise persons taking recourse to the law in all the others legal fields despite of his specialization.

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