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Protecting you for 30 years !

CUIVRETOUT was founded in 1986. In 2004, the company moved into what were once the Torre premises in Chêne-Bougeries which were then renovated and refurbished to reflect the company’s image.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, CUIVRETOUT wishes to thank those who have shown their confidence over the years and take this opportunity to introduce the company to those who do not yet know it.

Since the company was founded, CUIVRETOUT has established its name by rhyming high quality services with a personalized approach and competitive prices: the art and skill of quality / cost!

The secret of its success for 30 years : quality, cost, service and innovation.

Now an undisputed specialist in roofing, the company currently employs some thirty people, each of whom can be available at any moment, with the motto: “client satisfaction comes first”. Regular courses on the specificities and use of new products ensure that they skillfully master the different techniques of the 3 professions that they represent:

metal-work : in copper, evidently, but also in a whole range of other metals (stainless steel, aluminium, titanium zinc, etc…)

roofing : in flat tiles, interlocking tiles, Roman tiles, in natural slate or any other coating

bituminous sealing, synthetic or resin on flat roofs and terraces

Not forgetting thermal isolation for flat roofs, gable or sloping roofs using the highest quality materials.

This broad range of skills enables CUIVRETOUT to handle many different types of roofing work, from basic repairs, cleaning or maintenance to definition and implementation of new projects using state-of-the-art techniques, whether it be for historical buildings, modern buildings, individual houses or indeed any other large, public or private landmarks.

Always at the cutting-edge of technology, the company has recently renewed a large part of its machinery and now benefits from one of the most vast and modern premises in the business. The workshop, with its equipment, allows the company to maintain a large stock at its disposal and to produce spare parts, thus avoiding potential long delivery and construction delays.

CUIVRETOUT represents a qualified and experienced team, proud to continually reaffirm its wish to always “be equal to the task…”

Furthermore, proof of this is in a certain number of prestigious projects accomplished by the company such as the repair of different ornamental turreted buildings like the Maison du Dieu Pan in Avenue Pictet de Rochemont), some of our Geneva temples (Plainpalais, Dardagny, Vésenaz, Cologny), and more recently, the century-old roof of the town hall and school in Collonge-Bellerive and a sumptuous historical building on the quai Gustave-Ador, to mention but a few.

Depending upon the request, and in collaboration with its specialist partners, CUIVRETOUT can build a roof from A to Z. The company thus remains responsible for all the work undertaken from scaffolding to chimney repairs (masonry).

The client greatly appreciates this comprehensive or turn-key service because there is just one interlocutor, which largely facilitates the planning and monitoring of the work.

Today, CUIVRETOUT approaches the future with confidence thanks to a well-filled order book and a sound reputation. “We are not seeking to develop ad infinitum”, it is said in CUIVRETOUT, “but to be recognized as the regional specialist in roofing. We are a ‘human’ sized company which allows us to be close to our clients and understand their needs. We want to maintain this contact”.

Last but not least, the artistic touch, in a different vein but still in the company’s image, the need of doing the job well, of innovation, of detail and aesthetics, CUIVRETOUT proposes “CUIVRE D’ART®”.

According to availability and thanks to the experience, know-how and meticulousness of its employees, the company accepts special customer requests from interior designers or imaginative clients to produce unique objects – revamping of doors, bar counters, vases, sculptures, etc… in noble materials such as copper and other metals.

To conclude, with all due respect and humility, CUIVRETOUT borrows the following saying from the great Leonardo da Vinci: “Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail” because it incarnates the company’s philosophy better than any argument.

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