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Terms of payment
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Faszination für Auge & Ohr erleben Sie an der Zürichstrasse 42 in Einsiedeln


Expert Cäsar Kälin GmbH in Einsiedeln

Great that you've found your way to us!

Experience aesthetic design, innovative technology in Einsiedeln. Located at Zürichstrasse 42 in the beautiful monastery village of Einsiedeln, a 10-minute walk from the monastery, we await you for a very special experience.

Enjoy the whole world of Bang & Olufsen, LOEWE, REVOX, Piega in a sophisticated ambience and let yourself be inspired by brands that constantly question the ordinary. See for yourself.

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The expert Caesar Kälin team looks forward to your visit.

Expert advice
You will receive personal advice - the time will be reserved and given for you. For you, individual solutions are specifically developed and planned according to your needs.

Comprehensive home delivery
We deliver your new purchase home on time. We connect the device, set it up individually for you and explain the most important functions. We will take the packaging back with you, and we can also take your old device if you wish.

Planning and installation
We plan and install according to your needs. From the selection of the system, through the cabling to installation. We take care of the coordination with craftsmen such as electricians, bricklayers or carpenters.

Individual payment method
In addition to cash payments, EC-Direkt, Postcard and EC-Cash are accepted. You will be given a payment period of 8 days on invoice upon delivery. Interesting forms of financing are leasing, rent and partial payment. Rent with purchase credit without down payment up to 48 months including guarantee.

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Warranty extension up to 6 years for new purchases
No cost risk in the event of a repair. No unforeseen financial surprises. With the Guarantee Plus, they are served particularly preferentially by expert Caesar Kälin. You enjoy the comprehensive specialist dealer safety protection and service for your device.

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Rental service

For short-term use:
TV with and without video
Music systems for your private party
Video projector with screen for presentations
Video camera for your vacation / wedding / birthday
Public address systems for small and large parties

Event & media service

The expert Cäsar Kälin team event and media service will realize your ideas and visions so that you can relax and take care of your guests' wishes without stress. We offer you the ideas and the know-how. Discover the possibilities of modern event technology.

Dubbing service - Dubbing from:
Records on CD / MC
VHS video on DVD
DV video on DVD
Copy DVD to DVD
Copy DVD to VHS
Video 8 on DVD
Super 8 on video / DVD
Video editing, cutting and mixing

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Online world
expert Caesar Kälin brings you online! Whether you need a telephone connection for a landline or a cell phone, whether you need an ISDN connection or fast Internet access via ADSL or Cablecom. Internet via satellite is also possible.

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Customized IT PC system
If you have specific requirements for your PC system, the IT technicians from expert Cäsar Kälin can ensure that your computer is tailored to your individual needs in the factory.

Networking the multimedia system with the entertainment electronics is one of the specialties of the house. Complete solutions from first hand with only one contact person.

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Digital signage

Digital signage describes the use of digital media content in information and advertising systems such as electronic electronic traffic signs, posters, in-store advertising. It is about networked (audio) visual information systems, the contents of which are either program-controlled or manually compiled. A combination of presentation technology, hardware (PC systems), network connection and software for players, content management and network management is necessary for this.

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Hotel TV- A unique experience for your guests

Hotel TV, Hospital TV or System TV offer above-average comfort and personalized service for your guests. Hotel TV is suitable for the entire hospitality sector:

Hotels, motels, inns, hostels, guest houses, accommodations
Apartments, holiday settlements,
Hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums, health resorts, REHAs
Retirement homes, nursing homes, retirement homes, retirement homes
Prisons, prisons, prisons, prisons

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Products and Services

Bang & Olufsen, REVOX, LOEWE, PIEGA, T + A, Marantz regional base
Bang & Olufsen, REVOX, LOEWE, PIEGA, T + A, Marantz regional base


At home, we want to make life easier and more enriching for us

It is not about inventing new devices for the sake of the devices - they should enrich our living space. Technologies for our home can do this if they have been beautifully shaped, well thought out and excellently processed and are simple and intuitive to use. everyone wants to make their life as straightforward as possible. Home technologies support us in this and their incredible potential is only just beginning to develop fully.

With the distinctive and exclusive selection of multimedia products, expert Cäsar Kälin pursues the overarching goal of pampering your senses!

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REVOX Hifi & Multiroom
REVOX Hifi & Multiroom

Wellness begins with good music.

Leading the way for over 65 years

Revox distinguishes itself through its uniquely systematically structured products. Compatibility between systems and the expandability of function and technology are the basic ideas that characterize the brand. The focus of the orientation is the fascination with controllability. Ease of use, unique solutions and technological professionalism are the maxims of Revox products. Revox makes entertainment a fascinating experience.


For more than 65 years, the Revox name has stood for audio products of the highest technical perfection. Products such as the legendary Revox A77 tape recorder, which is still considered a milestone for top audiophile quality even after decades. This tradition is consistently continued today with a modular, upgradeable technology concept. Then as now, Revox developed products that are so visionary and future-oriented that they stand out from the confusion of the mass product range like a rock in the surf.


The most advanced technology remains imperfect if it does not serve its user. The unique Revox system offers its owner a maximum of function and design freedom with a minimum of operating effort. A uniform, intuitive operating concept - the most important functions only require a single keystroke - and the consistently modular structure of the entire system make the user sovereign of his entertainment.
Today, tomorrow, and in many years.


It has always been something special to own a Revox product. And thanks to a comprehensive range of excellent loudspeakers of various sizes and performance, in an impressive design or discreetly integrated into the ambience, exclusive sound reinforcement solutions can be individually designed. With the Revox multiroom system, users control their entertainment according to their personal wishes - in the living room, in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Enjoy your individual audio and video world in exclusive design, in brilliant pictures and excellent sound. Whenever you want. And wherever you want.


The perfect, authentic reproduction of natural sounds is the ideal that has determined the Revox brand from the beginning. Countless international awards, with which Revox audio devices have been awarded over the decades, prove that the company has always remained true to this ideal. With its synthesis of future-oriented technologies, a visionary operating concept and excellent sound, the Revox audio / video system occupies a unique position today. To this day, the Revox name stands for audiophile music enjoyment at the highest technical level.

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LOEWE TV & Hifi in Einsiedeln
LOEWE TV & Hifi in Einsiedeln

Loewe offers home entertainment

to design yourself.

An audio-video system as a personal home entertainment highlight.

Quality in perfection.

LOEWE's philosophy: a sophisticated interplay of high-tech, design, quality and user-friendliness. Clear, precise, elegant shapes. Design with soul. Fascinatingly timeless and internationally awarded with over 200 design awards.

We invented television.

At the 8th Berlin Radio Exhibition in 1931, "Radio AG D.S. Loewe" presented the world's first electronic film transmission. A sensation. Manfred von Ardenne, Loewe's ingenious chief engineer at the time, replaced mechanical image transmission methods with the much better, Braun tube. Since then, Loewe has stood for television made in Germany. Development, production and service are located in Kronach in Upper Franconia. Our claim: innovation, perfection and durability. Modular technology, high-quality materials, precision in processing, software updates, energy efficiency and timeless design guarantee the sustainability of the products.

Better and better.

"The most beautiful OLED TV in the world," wrote the press as Loewe at the IFA in Berlin. This is television in another dimension - aesthetically and technically. Extremely flat screen, razor-sharp images, bright colors - more real than ever. That includes the perfect sound. We create tones that rotate pirouettes with the images and are constantly expanding our audio range with speaker systems and subwoofers.

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PIEGA Made in Switzerland also in Einsiedeln
PIEGA Made in Switzerland also in Einsiedeln

Build speakers you can hear ..

PIEGA builds top-class loudspeakers with outstanding sound properties that not only let you hear the music, but also let you feel, feel and experience it.

Enjoy music through excellent speakers. Relaxation and joy in the sounds are limitless - sensual pleasure for the ears and aesthetic feast for the eyes.

Sound & design

With our Piega loudspeakers, the design meets high aesthetic requirements in addition to the technical sound requirements. Speakers are hardly changed twice a year like clothes, but have a particularly long service life. Shaping and shaping are therefore all the more important.

Swiss perfection

Whether machines, watches or cheese, we Swiss have an extremely high quality standard and attach great importance to perfection and precision. It is not for nothing that the saying - Precise like a Swiss watch - has become established in our language. This is how we fully take this requirement into account when building our loudspeakers in our workshops.

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Your leading service partner in the Einsiedeln region, Lake Zurich and Central Switzerland. Professional, fast and reliable. Our services are based on many years of experience and are provided by the Einsiedeln locations. Tailor-made service packages help you save costs and operate your system optimally for longer.

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Projects & systems

Professional audio and video technology Communication technology from a single source. Expert Cäsar Kälin develops solutions for information and communication tasks for large companies, SMEs and building owners. The result is modern training and conference rooms, video and PC-supported large-screen projections, presentation systems in public places, powerful broadband cable networks and satellite reception systems ...

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Hotel TV

Treat your guests to a unique experience Hotel TV, Clinic TV or System TV offer above-average comfort and personalized service for your guests. And significant advantages for the operator. Hotel-TV is suitable for the entire hospitality sector: hotels, motels, inns, hostels, guesthouses, accommodations, apartments, holiday settlements, clinics, sanatoriums, health resorts, REHAs retirement homes, nursing homes, retirement homes, retirement homes

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Rental and event service

Your vision is our goal. Everything from a single source, at expert Cäsar Kälin you can get professional event technology for audio, video and conference equipment. So that you can take care of your guests, the expert Cäsar Kälin team realizes your event from the vision to the successful and profitable conclusion. Thanks to precise organization and planning as well as perfect staging, your events will be unique and sustainable.

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