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Buildings in old wood

Building with old wood has long been very popular. Interior decorations in reclaimed wood were requested by the builders several decades ago. In the initial phase hand-planed old wood was very much in demand for interior clothing. Today, the trend is more towards old wood with a hand-hewn surface. For modern rooms, partly gray or brown weathered old wood is also used inside.

But today we also make whole buildings outside in old wood. Depending on the builder, even the typology is built from earlier. Since we create our work with naturally resulting, weathered old wood surface, it is often difficult for the layman to distinguish a really old building from a replica of a new building in reclaimed wood. We have specialized in such work in the meantime and have a large old wood store. Orders of this kind are very demanding and require great care from the contractors.

Buildings in element construction

Already in 2005 we produced the first chalet in element construction. Our goal was clear: The wall elements must be brought to the construction site with the highest possible degree of production. This is the only way for the client to fully benefit from the advantages of this production technology.

What advantages does the element construction have?

  • The connection details are developed much earlier and can be better coordinated.
  • Due to the ideal working conditions in the workshop, we achieve the very best quality work.
  • The construction time is shortened enormously, since many jobs can be done in parallel with each other.   For example, elements can be clothed when the builder first works on the foundations. Also, many electrical and plumbing installations in the intermediate walls can already be done in the workshop. This greatly shortens the time for the shell installations.
  • Because most of the work is done in the factory floor and the working hours at the factory are cheaper than at the construction site, the costs are reduced.

Because we are convinced that this is the most rational way of production for most buildings. That's why we set up an element assembly table in the factory in spring 2013.

Thermal imaging of your building

According to the UN report (IPCC), humans are responsible for global warming. It is therefore urgently necessary to save energy by renovating poorly insulated buildings. In the area of ​​buildings, there are many different ways of saving, of course, the thermal insulation is in the foreground. With thermal images, the heat loss of a building can be qualitatively represented. In the process, thermal-technical weak points are visualized, which is an ideal supplement to the building energy certificate and provides quantitative information.
Thermographic images should preferably be made in the cold season. The greater the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor climate, the more clearly the thermal bridges appear.
Arnold Reuteler Holzbau AG uses the thermal images to show the heat losses from your building.

Refurbish and profit!

Invest in energy efficiency! This reduces the energy consumption of your building, saves a lot of money and is less dependent on future energy price development. And not only that: you save taxes, the market value of your property increases and you make an important contribution to climate protection.
The building program supports you with subsidies for the energetic renovation of your building.
It is worthwhile to plan a renovation professionally and to coordinate individual measures.

About us

Mission statement of Arnold Reuteler Holzbau AG

  • The greatest possible benefit for the customer is at the center of our actions.
  • We build energy efficient and cost conscious, build high quality and care for the environment.
  • Good working conditions motivate our employees and enable them to achieve top performance.


Our company employs 8 - 10 well-trained, motivated employees and 1-2 apprentices. Since 1999, we have been using the Cadwork 3D CAD program for work preparation. The optimally furnished company building not only produces traditional carpentry and beautiful interior clothing. In the workshop with element assembly table and hall crane, we can also produce your building in elemental construction.

With the in-house wood drying chamber we have enough capacity to bring larger quantities of wood to the right level of drying.

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