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Baubiologische Hausvermessungen
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We measure radiation and protect

Since 1992 we have been carrying out house surveys with electronic measuring devices. Interference fields from mobile phone antennas, WLAN, cordless phones, electronic devices of all kinds, as well as water veins, earth faults, reinforcements in the concrete, oil tank under the sleeping place etc. are examined. All measurements are written down in your personal protocol and suggestions for solutions are discussed.

Insomnia, headache, backache, fatigue and depression are the most common symptoms that we encounter in people who lie on polluted sleeping places.

The following sources of interference are looked for during a house survey:

1. Electrosmog: Mobile phone antennas, high-voltage lines, railroads, electrical distribution boxes, power supply in the street. Electric cables in walls and floors, power sockets, bedside lamps, clock radios, computer wifi, cordless telephones, all electronic entertainment devices.

3. Earth rays:
Water veins and earth faults (electronically measured).
Reinforcing irons in the concrete floor (can load many times more than a water vein)

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Die Strahlenmessung fokussiert auf das Schlafzimmer. Gemessen wird:

  • Elektrosmog: Elektrische Wechselfelder, magnetische Wechselfelder, Hochfrequenz, 5G
  • Erdstrahlen: Wasseradern, Brüche, Verwerfungen

Die Messwerte werden genau protokolliert. Am Ende der Vermessung erhalten Sie ein detailliertes Protokoll mit konkreten Lösungsvorschlägen. 

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