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Créée en 1913, la marque légendaire Schott et sa nouvelle boutique

Jackets, vestes, bombers, blousons, cuirs, moutons retournés, parkas, jeans, cabans, perfectos, flight jackets, pulls, chemises, tee-shirts, polos, gants, bonnets, accessoires, doudounes, leather, vintage, original, made in USA, duffle coats, manteaux, bonnets, blousons aviateurs.

Made in the USA, each Schott NYC jacket comes with a story that has been written over the course of 90 years, four generations of Schotts, two world wars, 22 presidents, one King, and an American love affair with hitting the open road with the wind in your face and your troubles behind you.

We are a true-blue, real-deal, piece of Americana. Quality, innovation, and individuality define everything we do and every jacket we make. Whether protecting WWII fly boys in the air over Europe or infuriating the establishment on the backs of Brando and Dean, our jackets have become infused in American culture and have served as battle flags for the American spirit.

The classic American Success Story

In 1913, as Ford's new Model T began to crowd the already bustling streets of New York City, two brothers, the sons of a Russian immigrant, went after their piece of the American Dream. Irving and Jack Schott starting making raincoats in a basement on the Lower East Side of Manhattan which were then sold by street peddlers door to door.

In just two years, the venture grew enough to open a manufacturing facility in Staten Island, NY where Irving Schott lovingly branded his jackets with the name of his favorite cigar - the Perfecto. By the mid-twenties, while Babe Ruth and Al Capone were making headlines for breaking records and breaking laws, Schott NYC was making headlines of its own by revolutionizing the way we dress for the outdoors when they were the first to put a zipper on a jacket.

Eager to innovate, it was no surprise that Irving Schott then set his sights on another American classic in the making - the motorcycle. In 1928, nearly 40 years before Harley Davidson would create their own, Irving Schott designed and produced the first leather motorcycle jacket. Retailing for $5.50 at a Long Island Harley Davidson distributor, the Perfecto was durable, rugged, and immediately embraced. To this new generation of "bikers," the Perfecto was a symbol of the excitement, adventure and danger that fueled their fascination with motorcycles.

But as the country and the world turned its attention overseas, so did Schott. Commissioned by the US Army Air Corps at the start of WWII, Irving Schott designed and produced a "bomber jacket" that would serve and protect Our Boys as they fought for liberty in the air over Europe and the Pacific. And on deck, servicemen kept out the cold with Schott's classic melton wool naval pea coat. Rugged and warm, these leather and wool jackets would be produced by Schott for the US Military for the next 60 years.

With WWII over and the threat of communism put in check by McArthur in Korea, this country was witnessing the rise of a new rebellion - one that would be fought with fast cars and Rock and Roll. In 1954, the now cult classic "The Wild Ones" featured the hot young actor, Marlon Brando, perched on his motorcycle wearing his Schott Perfecto. The subsequent spike in popularity of the Perfecto surprisingly resulted in decreased sales. The jackets were actually banned by school systems around the country because they symbolized a burgeoning teen demographic, the "hood".

Just one year later, the Perfecto was catapulted to the height of its popularity when a love for speed ended the life of the quintessential "hood." It is said that James Dean could hardly ever be seen without his Perfecto - they seemed to be made for each other.

In the past 50 years, Schott NYC has continued to grow under the leadership of new generations of our family. Product lines and styles have expanded, nylons and wools have grown in popularity, accessories from bags to sunglasses can be found worldwide. But at the core of our business still lies the 100 year old factory right of outside of NYC.

In an old brick building we design and produce the styles that have - and will continue to - connect with the American spirit. More importantly, we are still dedicated to the ideals of quality, innovation, and individuality that were so important to Irving Schott - and that remain important to every person who buys one of our jackets.

Four generations of our family thank you for appreciating our passion.

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