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Braces, Dental check-up, Dental cleaning, Dental hygiene & prophylaxis, Dental implant / dental prosthesis, Dentures, Fillings, Gum treatments, Root treatments, Tooth preservation, Tooth repair, Wisdom teeth

Description and special features

Specialized and holistic dentistry for young and old!

State-of-the-art medical equipment and the use of new digital imaging techniques allow for precise diagnosis and the use of minimally invasive techniques, thus protecting the patient's health.

In general dentistry, oral surgery, orthodontics and pedodontics, reconstructive dentistry and prosthetic dentistry, our philosophy of therapeutic approach is based on an appropriate training and many years of experience. The treatment option chosen is based on scientific evidence ("evidence based dentistry"). In addition, we are committed to ensuring that my professional skills are maintained at the highest level of modern technology through rigorous and continuous training through regular participation in scientific congresses and close collaboration with university institutes.

Orthodontics, dentofacial orthopaedics and functional education

Orthodontics, also known as dentofacial orthopedics (ODF), is a branch of dentistry designed to diagnose and correct dental malpositions, jaw disharmonies and dysfunctions in the oro-facial region.
The aim of orthodontic treatment is twofold: aesthetic and functional.

While orthodontics moves the teeth to align them, today's functional orthopedics accompanies growth to allow the teeth to naturally assume a harmonious alignment.

Invisible" orthodontic treatment

Comfortable and easy to use, invisalign® gutters have already convinced more than 1.5 million people. The fact is that the invisalign system has proven its effectiveness in bringing smiles to hundreds of thousands of people.

Local anaesthesia - general anaesthesia

Innovative pain-free local anaesthesia systems are used to avoid negative stress or anxiety. On request, treatments can be carried out in general anaesthesia in the practice.


Dr. Milos Tomic is trained in the field of auriculomedicine / ear acupuncture, a modern approach to acupuncture practiced in Europe according to the guidelines of the SACAM (Swiss Medical Society for Acupuncture - Chinese Medicine - Auriculomedicine). This high-precision diagnostic and therapeutic technique allows the treatment of complex pathologies such as chronic head and jaw pain, masticatory disorders and allergies. The application of auriculomedicine has no negative effects on the patient and can be used perfectly painlessly in children thanks to the soft lasers.

Properly practiced, auricular medicine not only takes into account the symptoms, but also treats the whole person. This results in a holistic healing and an increase in vital energy. The higher a person's vital energy level, the more likely they are to remain healthy. This is why ear medicine also has a prophylactic effect.

Although classified as an alternative medicine, ear medicine is based on the same scientific rigour as conventional medicine. This reflex therapy is remarkably effective and provides, during postural reprogramming, the speed of pain relief so desired by suffering patients.

Dental Hygiene

"Taking care of your teeth and gums significantly improves your overall health! »

Dental hygiene is the foundation of oral health and contributes to general well-being.
It consists of daily dental hygiene and professional dental hygiene care.

Mrs. Michèle Sandoz cleans and polishes your teeth and advises you on daily dental hygiene techniques. She also advises you on your eating habits in relation to dental problems. In collaboration with dentists she can detect possible oral problems at an early stage.

We recommend that you carry out at least one to two dental hygiene sessions per year. Mrs. Michèle Sandoz and the dentists will recommend the optimal frequency according to your oral condition. Together with each patient, we will find dental hygiene methods that are suitable and enjoyable.

Each session usually takes about one hour. Establishing a relationship of trust is a priority for us. Mrs. Michèle Sandoz pays particular attention to ensuring that treatments take place in a calm, relaxed and gentle atmosphere.

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