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Spécialiste acupuncture et médecine chinoise

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Rue du Grand-Verger 16
1920 Martigny
027...Show number 027 723 29 88
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Terms of payment
Close to train station, In city center, Parking site

The translation of the Chinese name of our logo: 寿 means "longevity".

Traditional Chinese medicine seeks to restore balance and harmony in the body.

China Santé offers a high quality therapeutic approach, complementary to conventional medicine. A natural therapy that prevents disease and provides advice to tone your body and increase your well-being.

Our experienced therapists are at your disposal to help you find an appropriate solution to your health concerns, whether seasonal, temporary or chronic, at our sites in Fribourg, Bulle, Payerne, Martigny and Sierre.

Our specialists are certified by the Swiss associations of RME and ASCA therapists. This recognition allows you to be partially reimbursed by most supplementary/alternative insurances.

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