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Bilan énergétique gratuit - Soins énergétique à distance Guérison - Soins karmiques - Nettoyage de lieux de vie
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Distance care boost his immune system now.

Powerful energy treatments to provide additional protection for your immune system and regain vitality.

Contact : +41 (0) 79 756 26 50

Other care :

Free energy balance - remote energy care
Healer-Magnetizer, for many years, I have been performing, mainly, remote care.

Energetic care and cleaning can be done for people, animals and even for living areas. 

The strong magnetism that I have enjoyed since my birth allows me, with the help of my feelings, to carry out very targeted energetic treatments, in a short time and with excellent results.

All my treatments are essentially based on my personal technique accompanied by the subtle connections that I request in order to quickly obtain a balanced and appropriate result.

Furthermore, I am a Specialist in Paranormal Energies, which allows me to quickly and precisely identify the subtle (negative) energies present in my patients and in their homes and then to propose the appropriate treatment at the right price.

Remote karmic and cellular care
The karmic and cellular care acts on each person intensely and in depth on several vibratory levels for the following problems:

Negative or partially negative past lives
Toxic or deviant transgenerational "legacies"...
Blockages arising from uterine or current life
The treatment, which I have developed, uses several combined techniques that will resonate in a subtle way with the heavy or difficult situation one is carrying. 

In the end, the energies will quickly and effectively cleanse a large number of problems that hamper the body and mind and important blockages will be dissolved (chains).

Through the sustained Magnetism that I have at my disposal, I kindly request the following energies:

From Christ (guidance, protection)
From several Beings of Light (archangels, elohims, angels...)
Semi-precious stones, holy medals, pendulums. 
Candles, water and essential oils
In order to put all these elements in harmony so that they best purify the karmic, cellular past of the person.

A new energetic impulse is activated within each person, which systematically promotes a rich and captivating Life.


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