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Your Company For Enterprise Solutions.

We will support your company on its path to digitalization with a comprehensive product range in the fields of telephony, Internet, data backup and cloud services.

Personal Consultation

Every company has its own corporate culture. This is exactly why every company needs individual advice when it comes to enterprise solutions. We’ll make sure you quickly get all the information you need, tailored to your specific needs.

Products and Infrastructure

A successful business always depends on the efficient use of its resources. Our products will help you improve your processes in due course and get more out of your resources.


Install your own IT infrastructure in our secure data center


Even in small spaces there is room for big things.

Just like large enterprises, smaller companies also need professionally operated servers. To do so, we offer you racks in three standard sizes that you can use together with other customers. This minimizes the infrastructure costs, and you are charged depending on your own required storage volume, as well as the energy consumption.


Room for your data's security.

If security is your top priority, then you're in good hands. We will allot you your own Datacube cage in our data center in accordance with your specifications, always equipped with an anti-intruder tool and an electronic access control.


The helping hand in your server room.

You'll have your own service team looking after your servers in our Datacube. Smaller maintenance jobs in particular are not always worth assigning to one of your employees. With HandsON services, you won’t have to do this anymore: Just give us a quick call, and one of Tineo’s engineers will install and remove the right storage media and take care of the storage and the change of backup media, network cables etc.



Connected through secure networks.

Business Internet Premium

Quicker than you can say “optical fiber”.

Surfing online with today’s standards using our optical fiber network: fast, secure and high bandwidths that can be increased if necessary. Furthermore, we can guarantee an availability of up to 99.97% and competent support around the clock to guarantee you the very best surfing experience.

Business Network

Do business at the speed of light.

Quick and reliable transfer of data between your company’s individual locations—at the speed of light. Thanks to Business Network via an optical fiber network, your data traffic will be faster than ever before and boast a high availability (up to 99.99%). We’ll never compromise on security, either: Our support team is there for you 24 hours a day.

Business Fiber

Super advantages in every single fiber of our network.

Are you looking for the highest possible data transfer speed at gigabit or terabit rates? Then Business Fiber is the right choice for you: optical fiber technology that ensures a transfer at the speed of light. However, if your transfer needs are ever not fulfilled, our 24h troubleshooting service is always there to help you.



Connections that live up to their reputation.

Business Phone Line

We’ll throw you a line.

Enjoy uninterrupted phone calls via our state-of-the-art MPLS network with Business Phone Line—without having to invest in new telephone sets. It doesn’t matter whether you have already switched over to All-IP or are still using ISDN: We'll set up our service for you using our classic ISDN basic or primary connection and via VoiP (SIP trunk). The number of phone lines is up to you.

Business Phone Manager

Putting every business ahead of the pack.

Business Phone Manager will rid you of an expensive infrastructure that comes with a traditional phone system, and you'll be able to concentrate on your top priority: your company. You'll always be in the driver's seat, because although all the data are managed by our cloud, you'll always have complete control over your phone system depending on your requirements.


Business Cloud

Use virtual servers to store data or use software.


A secure place for all your data.

Rent the right servers for your company with Business Cloud Hosting without having to worry about their operation and maintenance. Your selected hardware will always be in line with the cutting-edge technology, and the streamlined IT infrastructure always allows you to react dynamically to the changing market situation.

Office 365

Wherever you go, your work will follow.

Use Business Cloud Office 365 whenever and wherever you want—with a direct connection to the software from the Microsoft Office package in our Datacube. In contrast to server providers that may operate on a different continent, our offer allows you to profit from low latency and high stability.


Your digital bouncer.

Your data is sensitive and has to be protected from outside influences. That's the role our Business Cloud Firewall performs in our virtual servers. Depending on how sensitive the data in question is, it may be a good idea to connect the private network (VLAN) to the public Internet in order to ensure that the extended Firewall VM can withstand undesired access.



From system to access control: All about other services we offer.

Data center

One for all: Our Datacube.

Our Datacube will securely protect your data from misuse, intruders, earthquakes, flooding, fire and lightning, as it complies with all construction standards that apply, among others, to hospitals, as well. Furthermore, you—and you alone—can only access the data via a hand vein scan. All these points add up to the highest possible security.


The underlying element of your data transfer: Our backbone.

Reliable data communication is essential for your company’s success. This is why we operate a Swiss-wide backbone with a bandwidth of 100Gbit/s using our optical fiber networks. The POPs (points of presence) are connected to multiple locations in Switzerland and to international exchange points in Frankfurt and Amsterdam, thus guaranteeing complete redundancy, high availability, scalability and security.

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