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All Heating systems in Muri b. Bern
Friedli AG

Friedli AG

Heizungen & Haustechnische Anlagen

Heating systems in Muri b. Bern

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Friedli AG – Contacts & Location


Damit Ihnen warm ist: Heizzysteme, die sich Ihnen und Ihrem Wohnraum anpassen.



Area of activity

On-call service,Woodwork

Forms of contact

By telephone,Online

Heat Distribution

Underfloor Heating

Heating with Fossil Fuels

District Heating Connections,Gas Heating,Oil Heating

Heating with Renewable Energies

Heat Pump and Geothermal,Pellet, Log, and Chip Heating,Solar Thermal


Parking site


Consultation,Planning and Execution


Installation of Heating Systems,Repairs and Troubleshooting

Work area

Heating systemsHeat pumps

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