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Your professional cleaning and moving company in Switzerland

We welcome you to TIPTOP CLEANERS 


We are a professional cleaning and removal company. For us, the customer is always the focus, so that the move and the transfer of the apartment take place for you in a frictionable and on-time basis. Whether in person or by phone, we are always open to your wishes and needs and offer you appropriate packages at fair prices. 

In our cleanings, we use environmentally friendly cleaning agents, as we take the obligation for our posterity seriously. 

We always fulfil our orders in a world-conscious, clean, punctual and reliable manner. 

Among other things, we offer the following services: 


Your move is coming and you're scratching your head about what you need to think about. You don't need that. We do this for you. We are happy to organize your move with the right van and with enough reins. On request, we pack your moving boxes and out or we take care of the furniture removal and construction. 

End of tenancy cleanining with acceptance guarantee: 

Take advantage of our removal cleaning with 100% acceptance guarantee. We are happy to take care of the cleaning of your old apartment or your old house and support you in handing over to the landlord or the administration. 

Basic cleaning: 

You would like to get your apartment back on track without sacrificing your free time. No problem! We will do this for you. We clean your home quickly and easily. If you do not want complete cleaning, we can only address partial areas. 

Maintenance cleaning: 

You don't have time to clean your home. You are welcome to use our cleaning service regularly for private households or for companies. Whether this should take place weekly, 14 days or monthly, and in which hour frame you decide. We do not oblige you to have long-term subscriptions. You can always cancel our services for the next month. 

Window cleaning: 

Who does not want to enjoy the view through clean windows? But window cleaning wants to be learned. Our professional window cleaners are happy to take care of this one. Your windows and glass surfaces are completely cleaned, including shutters and slat doors. 




Most of the time, when moving, you get rid of old and unusable things. Why are you annoyed with all the stress? Let us help. We dispose of your unwanted things quickly, uncomplicatedly and cost-effectively. 

Construction cleaning: 

After construction or renovation, your new home must be cleaned before you can make yourself comfortable. We are happy to support you here as well. Since construction and renovations do not always take place on time, you can benefit from our flexibility here. 


Do you need to paint your old apartment when moving? Or do you need a "change of wallpaper" in-between? Our trained painters will be happy to advise you expertly and carry out the painting work professionally and neatly. 


We operate in the entire German-speaking Part of Switzerland. Our prices are always inclusive of directions, work equipment, insurance and VAT. 

Our motivated employees are regularly trained so that you are always up to date. Our experienced staff will always take care of your wishes on site. The customer and his satisfaction are always our number one priority. 


We will be happy to make you a free and non-binding offer. You can submit your enquiry via our homepage, but also by telephone. We make a free viewing appointment with you or discuss all the details by phone on request, so that we can quickly create a fair offer for you, taking all your wishes into account without hidden costs.





















































































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