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Maintenance cleaning in Winterthur

A Plus Reinigung & Hauswartung
A Plus Reinigung & Hauswartung logo
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A Plus Reinigung & Hauswartung

All Maintenance cleaning in Winterthur
A Plus Reinigung & Hauswartung

A Plus Reinigung & Hauswartung

Hauswartung, Reinigung, Gartenunterhalt, Technischer Dienst, Winterdienst
A Plus Reinigung & Hauswartung logo

Maintenance cleaning in Winterthur

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A Plus Reinigung & Hauswartung – Contacts & Location


A Plus Reinigungen & Hauswartung - Wir pflegen Ihre Lebensräume



Apartment Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning,End-of-Lease Apartment Cleaning with Guarantee,Event Cleaning,Spring Cleaning

Cleaning, removal, renovations

Graffiti removal,Paint removal,Woodwork renewal

Construction Cleaning

Cleaning of Underground Garages, Parking Decks, and Car Parks,Ongoing Construction Site Cleaning and Final Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

Floor Basic Cleaning,Wooden Floor/Parquet Refurbishment

Forms of contact

By telephone,Free consulting,In-store,On the customer’s premises,Online

Garden maintenance

Hedge cutting,Lawn care (mowing & care),Meadow care,Shrub cutting,Summer & winter pruning,Tree cutting & felling,Tree maintenance

Glass/Wall Cleaning

Facade Cleaning,Glass Facades, Windows, Blinds

Interior design & decorative work

Painting services


Close to public transport,Close to train station,In city center,Parking site,Wheelchair-accessible,Wheelchair-accessible parking

Maintenance Cleaning

Entrance Areas, Reception Halls, Reception Counters,Industrial and Production Areas,Medical Practices,Office Spaces, Meeting Rooms,Staircases, Corridors

Pest Control and Disinfection

ULV - Ultra-Low Volume Disinfection System

Terms of payment

Maintenance cleaningBuilding and property managementCleaning companyBuilding cleaningFacility ManagementHome cleaningFloor sealants

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