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Drying, drainage in Zollbrück

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gpbautrocknung gmbh

All Drying, drainage in Zollbrück

gpbautrocknung gmbh

gpbautrocknung gmbh logo

Drying, drainage in Zollbrück

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gpbautrocknung gmbh – Contacts & Location




Application Areas

Commercial Buildings,Public Buildings,Residential Buildings

Application Areas / Properties

Restoration & Renovation

Certificates and Memberships

Real Estate Service Provider

Civil Engineering & Geomatics

Construction Preservation


Washroom Facilities

Floor Care

Water vacuum cleaners

Forms of contact

By telephone,In-store,Online


24/7 On-call Service,Dehumidifiers and dryers,Detection and elimination of water damage,Provision of drying equipment,Washing machines and dryers,Water Damage Restoration,Expertise,Assembly,Consultation,Delivery,Device inspection,Disposal of old appliances,Rental devices,Repair

Technical Management

Collaboration with Caretaker,Handling and Resolution of Insurance Cases

Terms of payment


Washing & Drying

Dryers,Washer-dryer combos
Drying, drainageBuilding dryingLeak detectionWater damage restoration

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