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All Allergology and clinical immunology in Zurich

IZZ Immunologie-Zentrum Zürich

Ärzteteam für Allergie, Asthma, Rheuma, Entzündung, Immunschwäche

Allergology and clinical immunology in Zurich

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IZZ Immunologie-Zentrum Zürich – Contacts & Location


Ihre Gesundheit ist unser Anliegen



Autoimmune diseases

Bullous pemphigoid,Dermatomyositis,Lupus erythematosus,Pemphigus,Scleroderma,Vitiligo

Forms of contact

By telephone,In-store

Hair and scalp disorders

Alopecia/Circular hair loss,Hair loss,Scalp fungus


Close to public transport,Close to train station,In city center,Parking site

Sexually transmitted diseases

Chlamydia,Consultation,Fungal infections,Genital herpes,Genital warts,Gonorrhea,HIV/AIDS,Mycoplasma,Syphilis

Skin and nail diseases

Acne,Allergies,Athlete's foot,Atopic dermatitis,Contact dermatitis and skin eczema,Herpes simplex/Cold sores,Hives,Nail fungus,Pregnancy dermatosis,Rosacea,Shingles and herpes zoster,Sun allergy,Warts

Skin cancer

Skin cancer prevention

Skin diseases in children

Acne,Atopic dermatitis,Diaper dermatitis,Eczema,Psoriasis,Rash,Warts

Specialization field

Autoimmune diseases,Skin

Terms of payment

Allergology and clinical immunologyGeneral internal medicineDermatology and venereologyNephrologyRheumatologyAllergiesDoctors

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