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Housing assistance in Lucerne

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Alarmanlagen & Videoüberwachung - FocusControl

Am Krayenrain 9, 4056 Basel
Alarm systems security systemsVideo monitoring
Alarm Systems and Video Surveillance Installation in Switzerland

Alarm Systems and Video Surveillance Installation in Switzerland Alarm Systems - FocusControl Alarm systems Aarau - FocusControl Alarm systems Aargau - FocusControl Alarm systems Basel - FocusControl Alarm systems Basel-Country - FocusControl Alarm systems Basel-Land - FocusControl Alarm system Apartment - FocusControl Alarm System House - FocusControl Alarm system Company - FocusControl As the owner-managed company with over 20 years experience in Security Technology, distributes FocusControl® simple user-friendly monitoring Solutions with Highest Security standards and provides comprehensive services in the area of Alarm systems & Video surveillance installations.The offer catalogue includes certified Alarm systems as well as systems for the GPS and video surveillance. All offered alarms come from leading manufacturers like Jablotron and SATEL. The condition of the alarm system is very easy even for school children and elderly.Our offered alarm systems work without errors and false alarms and are simply remote control App. The customer can choose between fully integrated cabling and wireless Alarm Systems.From small Alarm Systems for private customers to fully integrated Security Systems for Commercial and Industrial. We advise you competently and develop customized turnkey solutions for you, which we implement in practice. “Absolute discretion” is matter of course for us. Alarm Systems & Video Surveillance professionals designed & professionally installed We from FocusControl, licensed partner of Rreputable Manufacturer, offers you a free Alarm- & Videosystem advice on site, if You are looking for a House or Company. For our many years of experience as Installer company for alarm systems and surveillance in Switzerland, we design every security system always in accordance with the individual requirements and needs of our customers. FocusControl Alarm Systems are effective all-round Protection for Your Home, Office or Business! For our customers we are always personally reachable, if necessary also outside normal office hours. With us, you get High-Quality certified Alarm Systems, Video Surveillance and detection Systems that provide you the desired burglary Protection with Security.Upon request, we provide the All-Round protection for your Home, your Office or your retail Store, Schools, Authorities and Public Buildings. Alarm Systems Consulting Free and discreet we create appropriate Alarm System & Video Surveillance Offers and assist the professional Installation & Service.With us you get the full Control with a complete overview and certainly the right Technology. The Security expert for Alarm Systems & Videosurveillance in Basel, Basel-Country, Aargau, Solothurn, Zürich, Winterthur & Luzern, in Switzerland. Eavesdropping protection, eavesdropping, bug detection and eavesdropping specialist Switzerland Consulting, planning and execution of eavesdropping specialists in the field of eavesdropping protection, eavesdropping, bug detection, counter-espionage, espionage reconnaissance, eavesdropping security, eavesdropping devices, bug finders, detective agency, information protection, spying, espionage, sweet and spysearch in Switzerland. Eavesdropping protection, eavesdropping, bedbug search and eavesdropping specialist Switzerland Consulting, planning and execution in the field of eavesdropping specialist, eavesdropping protection, eavesdropping and bedbug search, eavesdropping security, eavesdropping devices, bedbug finder, detection, information protection, bug, spy, espionage, sweet and spysearch in Switzerland. With our thermal imaging cameras and reliably precise detectors for different frequency ranges, the experience of our eavesdropping specialists will successfully perform your eavesdropping protection. With new measuring instrument, which can be successfully used by our monitoring specialists, as a reliable tool for eavesdropping protection and eavesdropping in Switzerland to detect various digital transmissions such as GSM, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. New methods of “listening and watching” with the help of modern technologies are widespread in our time. For example, a tiny GSM transmitter is accessible in virtually any internet spy shop for just 100-200 francs, and it can easily eavesdrop all your conversations in the office or at home. Perhaps even more important is the Bluetooth protocol, it has been specially developed for the transmission of voices or conversations with high quality at a distance of up to 100m, it can be easily used for eavesdropping. The sensitivity of a common RF detector (bug detector) is distributed over a wide frequency range, usually 3 or even 6-7 GHz. This means that the common detectors cannot detect such weak and non-continuous signals as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Wi-Max. Even more powerful signals such as GSM-1800 are also difficult to detect due to their low sensitivity at higher frequency ranges. The only way to reliably detect wireless protocols is to use pre-selector chips (saw filters) that attenuate all but the desired signals. This is the method implemented in FocusControl, which can search 6 channels for different frequency ranges and at the same time detect 6 different types of transmissions at a distance much larger than all common RF detectors. Such characteristics make it a highly desirable and reliable interception protection during surveillance. It is recommended that all sources of RF waves in the premises be detected during a search. It is necessary to determine the type of each source – whether it is a regular station such as a Wi-Fi access point or whether it has an unclear origin and should therefore be checked and probably removed. Request for quotation for eavesdropping protection, eavesdropping protection & bug detection

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