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Continuation of one's education in Lugano

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CCT Formazione Linguistica e Culturale

Viale Carlo Cattaneo 27, 6900 Lugano
Language schoolsLanguage course arrangementsLanguage vacationsContinuation of one's educationTranslations
CCT Language and cultural education

CCT offers Courses for adults Courses for children from primary school to the end of secondary school Courses for vocational school, high school and university students Courses in mathematics and science Courses for further education Courses at the client's premises Tailor-made courses for professionals from different sectors Language courses worldwide Translations into German, English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish CCT introduces itself The Language and Cultural Training School CCT, founded as the German Cultural Centre, has been active in Ticino for over 40 years. Founded in 1983, it is highly appreciated for its quality by professionals, students, young people and even children. We teach, among others, German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Latin, Ancient Greek and scientific subjects such as mathematics, physics and chemistry. In addition to on-site courses, CCT also offers in-company and online teaching as well as language trips around the world. CCT in numbers No less than 60,000 people have been supported by the CCT in their training in over forty years, exceeding 25,000 hours of teaching per year. Each year, CCT runs more than 100 courses for adults, students and young people, as well as a wide range of private conversation classes, international exam preparation, remedial and support courses. The levels cover all grades of the European Language Portfolio - A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. Preparation courses for international certification exams are over 90% successful. CCT in-company training courses Thanks to the seriousness of its offer and its great flexibility in adapting its courses to clients, CCT has a large portfolio of companies, offices, banks, insurance companies and businesses that wish to train their employees in their own offices. With our friendly, specialised language teachers and proven experience in teaching adults, we can guarantee a personalised, flexible and very wide range of courses and lessons at all levels of German, English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish, held directly at our client's premises. CCT organises language studies abroad Professionals, students and young people benefit from the service of language stays abroad organised with particular attention and a careful analysis of the client's objectives. The aim is to offer the best solution for optimal results. CCT works with schools from all over the world, carefully selected according to high quality criteria. CCT and its teachers CCT employs native speakers and trainers selected on the basis of their professional qualifications, with extensive and many years of teaching experience validated by certificates. The school also offers bilingual teaching in various combinations of English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Slovenian and Russian. Director: Margaret De Lorenzi, lic. ès Lettres, trainer of trainers and subject matter expert. CCT, a guarantee of quality The philosophy of the institute is based on transparency and the search for an ideal price-quality ratio, which our clients at all levels share and appreciate. CCT is Certified eduQua, the Swiss quality label for further education institutions Member of FSSP (Swiss Federation of Private Schools) and ASPSI (Association of Private Schools of Italian Switzerland) Qualified agent IALC, Quality English, Ih International House, ICEF CCT is located In Lugano, on the corner of Viale Cattaneo and Viale Cassarate, opposite the Palazzo Studi and 600 metres from the University. https://www.cct.ch/ https://study-go.info/

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Collegio Papio

Via delle Cappelle 1, 6612 Ascona
CollegePrivate school
Choosing the Collegio Papio

The identity aspect of the Papal College is in fact guaranteed by the concern to introduce young people to a knowledge of the world, of life and of man, in which the spiritual dimension finds its place. Recurrences such as Christmas and Easter are emphasized with significant meetings that help students to reflect on issues such as solidarity with poor countries, the suffering of peoples at war, etc... Collegio Papio was founded in 1584 by Cardinal Carlo Borromeo thanks to a legacy bequeathal by Bartolomeo Papio, a patrician from Ascona who went Rome. The centuries-old history of the College has been very eventful; many different religious orders have succeeded each other in its running over the years, the last of which were the Benedictines of Einsiedeln (1924-1964) who ended the long papal era. In fact, in 1965, the College passed to the Diocese of Lugano. The origins of the present scholastic structure date back to the 1920s, when the Benedictine Fathers of Einsiedeln gave new impetus to the College and succeeded in obtaining the organisation of the Federal Secondary School ("Matura") Examination in Locarno. Currently the Collegio Papio has an equalized middle school and a high school that prepares for the Swiss Baccalaureate Examination. For some years now, it has also been offering a preparation course for the Passerella exam, aimed at students who have obtained the Professional Maturity Certificate and intend to continue their studies at university. The College also offers a personalized curriculum for talents, be they sportsmen, musicians or others. The only school in Canton Ticino to offer both male and female internships, the College has extended its schedule in recent years to also cover weekends, thus meeting the needs of the growing number of foreign students. In addition to the ancient parts of the structure, the Renaissance cloister and the seventeenth-century garden, the Collegio has added modern facilities for the benefit of students including a swimming pool, gym and technologically advanced science laboratory classrooms. The educational vanguard of the College is guaranteed not only by a qualified and continuously trained teaching staff, but also by a good supply of scientific and computer instruments and an exclusive range of offers: early English at the Middle School, language exchanges at private schools in the French and German-speaking area, international language certificates, participation in study weeks organized by the Science and Youth Foundation, Kangourou mathematics competitions, etc.. An offer, therefore, that stimulates talent, but also supported by support tools such as assisted studies, the time of introduction to the study and the Tutor in ninth grade. The Collegio Papio Foundation, established in 2008, guarantees the management of the company with careful financial, marketing and scholarship management, which ensures that families with low incomes also attend the Collegio. Particular attention is paid to the management of the staff; periodic individual interviews are aimed at fostering individual development and the consequently enrichment of the group. The Foundation is also engaged in infrastructure improvement; the start of the next school year will see the opening of the New Wing comprising kitchen and canteen facilities.

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Stella Ponteggi Sagl

Via Industri 23, 6705 Cresciano
ScaffoldingFacadesProtective systems

Stella Ponteggi, has been active in the scaffolding-laying construction industry in Ticino since 2002. Hildebrand Norbert, the founder of the same, has been working in the field of polyconstruction at the best Swiss companies since 1986 distinguishing himself by his enormous aptitude for the profession, gaining experience, methodology and dedication to quality and professional seriousness. Over the past decade we have equipped ourselves with specific scaffolding and equipment, and have developed such experience that we can offer you the design and installation of any type of scaffolding and scaffolding. Our specialization, in addition to ordinary facade scaffolding, with an availability of about 80,000 m2, is the erection of special and special scaffolding ( suspended, bell towers, bridges, multi-directional surfaces, temporary roofs, etc. ) where for many companies it is unthinkable to lay a scaffold or scaffolding. In order to be able to develop scaffolding of such technical complication and ensure an optimal level of quality and safety, our technicians have either an SFIVET (Federal Institute for Vocational Training) diploma or a FTA (Federal Certificate of Proficiency) or PERCOS (Occupational Safety Contact Person). Our team leaders, too, have diplomas (AFC or equivalent) so that they can ensure proper and accurate execution of erections, as well as knowledge of the rules dictated by federal and cantonal regulations on site safety and scaffolding regulations. All our managers periodically attend continuing education courses organized by SISP/SGUV (Siciety of Swiss Scaffolding Contractors) - Polybau AG (Training Service for Building Development Professions) - SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) - SUVA. The equipment and material we use is certified and compliant with Swiss regulations. (available in the forms area) " Each case its own solution" Over the years we have equipped ourselves with specific materials and equipment to meet most of your needs, especially complicated and almost impossible structures. Our offerings range from: - Inspections, technical and administrative advice to evaluate the optimization of the construction site- Customized design and estimates- Scaffolding for facades, with load capacities from 200 - 600 kg/m2- Scaffolding for tinsmiths or carpenters- Protections for flat or pitched roofs, fixed or movable- Stair towers- Mobile scaffolding on wheels or rails- Modular scaffolding for tunnels or tunnels- Special or multi-directional scaffolding- Suspended scaffolding- Loading platforms of different capacities- Horizontal and vertical mobile loading platforms- Walkways and temporary bridges- Temporary roofs- Anti-fall safety nets- Scaffolding scenich

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