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Dog care in Lugano

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Anibel di Lucie Perruchoud

Via San Martino 2, 6943 Vezia
Dog careGrooming parlorPets

The hall is located behind the church in Via San Martino 2, 6943 VeziaAppointments can be made by telephone on 091/930.06.63or by writing to info@anibel.ch I look forward to seeing you SERVICES: Bathing, trimming, stripping, brushing, nail trimming. Essential care for your four-legged friend Anibel is a real wellness centre for four-legged friends where, with lots of passion and expertise, I take care of your dog.As you can well understand, it was the love for animals that gave birth to this business and secondly the profound knowledge and expertise in grooming. In fact, animals also need care and cleaning of their bodies, starting with their hair and ending with their nails and ears. In order to ensure the maximum wellbeing of our animal friends, we must therefore take care of their bodies, providing them with maximum care and hygiene. ANIBEL: BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY AND HAPPY ANIMALS At the salon I carry out dog grooming, complete washing, ear cleaning and nail cutting. My task is to make you a happy, healthy and well-groomed dog in every detail and above all with the desired appearance. I guarantee special care for your pet, which may have special needs. Grooming is performed with care and professionalism. I do not rush our four-legged friends, as washing or cutting must be a positive experience. Lucie Perruchoudwith Penny and Pedro ANIBEL More than just grooming HOW I TAKE CARE OF YOUR FOUR-LEGGED FRIEND Anibel's grooming service allows the animal to be washed and groomed, trying to highlight its shape. There is no single grooming, the same for all animals, but instead varies according to the breed of dog, its coat and hair. The fundamental point, the same for all animals, is instead the regularity with which grooming must be done. Periodicity ensures the dog's maximum well-being. Two other activities that I carry out regularly are stripping and trimming. The former consists of removing dead hair and must be done, in particular, on dogs with rough hair. A lot of skill and experience is required to perform this technique properly. Trimming is nothing more than a kind of "going over" that must be done at regular intervals after the main stripping session. Of course I also do nail trimming and ear cleaning. Especially for dogs that are used to living indoors and spend little time outdoors, nail trimming must be done periodically to keep the animal in good health. COME AND SEE ME I perform different cuts for all types of breeds, even the most complicated cuts. I am equipped for cuts on pets that need more attention, such as health problems or age. LET'S TALK ABOUT IT TOGETHER Washing or cutting should be a positive experience for our dog friends. Come and see me to get to know us so that your pet can have a good experience at Anibel. CONTACT Anibel's services COMPLETE WASHING We use specific products that respect the different dermatological needs. SCISSOR CUTTING Scissor cutting and trimming respecting the texture of the coat. STRIPPING AND TRIMMING Removal of dead hair and trimming which must be done at regular intervals after the main stripping session. CLEANING THE EARS Cleaning your dog or cat's ears is very important. They are a very delicate part of the body, always exposed to external agents and therefore susceptible to inflammation and pathologies of various kinds. CUTTING NAILS Dogs and cats that are used to living indoors and spend little time outdoors must have their nails trimmed periodically in order to maintain the animal's good health at all times. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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