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Neurology in St. Gallen

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Mein Fusszentrum AG

Allschwilerstrasse 14, 4055 Basel
Orthopaedic surgeryPracticeSport and Exercise MedicineDoctors
Mein Fusszentrum AG

Team Treatments Total Ankle Prosthesis Research Partner Media Contact Conservative treatment (non operative) Mein Fusszentrum offers the entire range of non-operative treatment options for foot and ankle disorders: Advice for shoe modifications/orthotics/insoles Support in the rehabilitation after injuries and surgery Injections of the foot and ankle Sports Injury: Achillestendon, Haglunds disease Ankle sprain Tendon inflamation: Achillestendon, Peroneal tendon, Tibialis posterior tendon Stress fractures: metatarsal, navicular Casts Customized casts in all variations are used in the treatment of acute trauma: ankle fractures, tendon injuries, ankle sprain immobilisation after surgery of the foot and ankle chronic wounds, for example in Diabetes mellitus Treatment of wounds Mein Fusszentrum offers wound care of the foot and ankle by experts for Chronic wounds Infections Postoperative breakdown of the wounds Surgical Treatment If a patient requires surgery, this is carried out by one of our experienced orthopaedic surgeons. All surgeons of Mein Fusszentrum have extensive experience in the field of foot and ankle surgery. Surgical procedures: Forefoot Bunion corrections / Hallux valgus Clawtoe and hammertoe corrections Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery Arthroscopically assisted reconstruction of ligaments, tendons and cartilage Reconstruction in acute and chronic ankle instability Tendon transfer in deformities and neurologic disease Open reconstructive surgery in cartilage damage Joint preserving surgery in Osteoarthrosis / osteoarthritis: Supramalleolar osteotomy, Calcaneus osteotomy Treatment of acute and chronic tendon problems: Achillestendon / Haglund, Tibialis posterior tendon, Tibialis anterior tendon and peroneal tendons Surgery for flat foot correction Corrective surgery for Cavus Foot deformity Traumatology / Emergency of the foot and ankle Fracture of the lower leg, ankle and foot Ligament injury after ankle sprain Tendon injury: Achillestendon Cartilage damage Treatment of advanced stages of osteoarthrosis/osteoarthritis Ankle replacement Revision ankle replacement Conversion of painful ankle fusion into an ankle replacement Conversion of a painful ankle replacement into an ankle fusion Fusions / Arthrodesis Research Prof. Markus Knupp is a lecturer at the University of Basel. In addition to teaching medical students, he is a mentor and supervisor for Master-, doctors theses and PhD degrees. Furthermore, he acts as an external examiner for PhD-Theses at the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and the University of Malmö (Sweden). Furthermore, he lectures at the University of Basel at the international Master Program 'Biomedical Engineering'. He is also the chair for the annual arthroscopy-course for swiss foot and ankle surgeons held at the Arthrex Lab in Munich (Germany). This aims to improve the skills of swiss orthopaedic surgeons in the innovative, minimally invasive technique of arthroscopically assisted procedures. He is currently part of an international research group on early diagnosis and treatment of osteoarthrosis/osteoarthritis in the foot and ankle. Prof. Markus Knupp is author and co-author of more than 100 scientific articles and several book chapters. Publications He has held over 250 oral presentations on foot and ankle disorders in international meetings in 22 countries. Presentations

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