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All Sporting goods in Bern

Vikingstore Sporternährung Bern

Vivien Rolf

Sporting goods in Bern

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Vikingstore Sporternährung Bern logo

Vikingstore Sporternährung Bern – Contacts & Location


Specialist Shop for Martial Arts and Sports Nutrition - Supplements - Clothing

The Vikingstore introduces itself


The Vikingstore is an owner-managed company run by Vivien Rolf and her partner Bernd Ebert.


The vision of a fitness shop with an exceptionally large selection of supplements, fitness food and martial arts combined with the highest level of customer service has always been the dream.


In recent years, the business of dietary supplements and sports nutrition has increasingly fallen into the hands of businessmen who see their customers' financial interests more in the foreground than the sporting interests of their customers. The way in which advertising and marketing is carried out often has little to do with honesty and fairness.


Tailored to needs

"Retail must be geared to the sporting needs of customers"


Our idea of ​​entering this industry is shaped by the vision of better communication and a customer-oriented service concept. Trade and services must be tailored to the sporting and health needs of customers. Retailers of supplements and dietary supplements must come from the sports sector and know and recognize customer needs.


Suit wearers and businessmen who see only one business field in sports nutrition are not interested in the sporting success of their customers. We know the wishes, ideas and goals of young athletes and would like to support them.


We are an honest shop

"We will not sell any product scrap!"


Misunderstandings or long-standing myths among young buyers are exploited to make a lot of money with useless supplements.


We will not sell junk products, no matter how tempting the margin!


We know every one of our more than 5000 products and product variants in our shop from the supplements, fitness food, equipment and martial arts (boxing gloves, bandages, protectors, punching bags and much more) area and stand behind them. This enables us to advise each customer individually on request.


The Vikingstore is YOUR shop!

"We want you to see the Vikingstore as your shop"


At first glance, the Vikingstore looks like any other online fitness shop on the Internet. But we want and are more - our customers should recognize that our range as well as our service ideas are always geared to their needs and wishes. We want to support athletes in their goals from the first steps and see ourselves as your training partner.


If you have any questions, we are happy to assist you. Just write us an e-mail or give us a call.


We look forward to you :-)


The WIDEST range


After more than 7 years of Vikingstore, we are proud to be able to offer you the widest range of supplements, fitness food and martial arts. Customers can choose their favorites to achieve their goals from over 5,000 products and product variants from well-known manufacturers.


We are constantly trying to expand the product selection in a meaningful way and are on the lookout for the latest trends in all areas. Are you looking for the latest training booster, protein bars, protein powder, boxing gloves? No problem, we regularly add new products to our range!


No matter what goal you are pursuing - whether muscle building, a boxing match, losing weight or just a healthy diet. We at Vikingstore would like to support and accompany you on this path.


Our range includes the following brands:

• All Stars Nutrition

• Barebells

• B.A.M.

• Benlee

• Better bodies

• BioTech USA

• Bolero

• Burgerstein

• Dymatize Nutrition

• EFX Sports


• Everlast

• FA Nutrition

• Fight Apparel

• Gasp

• GN Laboratories

• God's Rage

• Gold's Gym

• Iron Maxx

• Kevin Levrone

• Koro

• Leone1947

• Mars

• Mutant PVL

• Natrol

• Nature's Way

• Naturya

• Nocco

• Now Foods

• Nutrex Research

• Oat King

• Olimp Sports Nutrition

• Optimum Nutrition

• Puff Sport

• Power foods

• Peak Sports

• Pro Supps

• Redcon1

• Ring Horn

• Ronnie Coleman

• Schiek

• Sinob

• Smart Shake

• Solarai

• Sponsors

• Stackers

• Tested Nutrition

• Universal Nutrition

• Venus

• Vitamin Well

• Nutrition again

• Wilson

• White Force Eurovo

• Walden Farms


Our range includes the following categories:




Protein: Whey, Isolate, Multi-Component, Vegan, Liquid Egg White, Casein

Gainer and carbs: gainer without creatine, gainer with creatine, carbohydrates

Amino Acids: Arginine/ Citrulline and Beta Alanine, BCAA/ EAA, Amino's Liquid, Glutamine, Amino Tablets, Individual Amino Acids

Creatine: creatine monohydrate, creatine capsules

Pre Workout: Liquid Booster, Energy Kick, Pre Workout Booster, No & Pump Booster, Intra Workout Booster, Post Workout Drink, Fat Burner, Testo Booster

Health and Super Foods: sauces and dips, baking mixes, flavor and sweeteners, muesli, spreads, superfood, snacks and sweets, oils and fats

Health: vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, joint support, ZMA, hormone-regulating vital substances, L-carnetine, enzymes and vital substances, sleep and relaxation, detox and antioxidants, immune system, focus and well-being, CBD oil, herbs, plants and homeopathy

Bars and ready drinks: protein bars and cookies, protein and ready drinks

Fitness accessories: belts, gloves, traction aids, wrist wraps and bandages, shake cups and drinking bottles, lifting - fitness shoes, bags, jewellery


martial arts


Boxing Gloves: 10 OZ Models, 8 OZ to 18 OZ Models, Laced Gloves, Ladies Gloves, Kids Gloves, MMA Gloves, Sack Gloves, Karate Fit Boxing Fitness

bandages and undergloves

Protection: shin-foot protection, groin protection, head protection, pads, body protection, mouthguard, elbow, knee and forearm protection

Equipment and punching bags: punching balls, speedball, punching bags, skipping ropes, racks and attachments

Boxing shoes and boxing boots

Accessories: bags, towels, ring bottles, fight timers, keys and car fobs, trainer accessories, training accessories

Clothing: Technical clothing, Thai and kickboxing pants, MMA pants, women's, children's, t-shirts, jackets and hoodies




• Nutritional advice

• Training Plans

• Personal Training

• Competition support

• Posing training

• Freestyle for bodybuilding competition



Forms of contact

By telephone,In-store,Online


Close to public transport
Sporting goodsFitness centerDietary adviceOnline ShoppingSports gear and equipment
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Rating 5 of 5 stars

Fachkundige Beratung

Grosse Auswahl an Produkten und fachkundige Beratung hier wird Sport gelebt.

September 20, 2017, Vivien Rolf

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