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All Dermatology and venereology in Fribourg

Borcea Adrian

Dr. méd. spéc. dermatologue

Dermatology and venereology in Fribourg

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Borcea Adrian – Contacts & Location

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Allergy tests

Atopy patch test,Autologous serum skin test,Intradermal test,Patch test/Patch test,Provocation test,Skin prick/Intradermal test

Autoimmune diseases

Bullous pemphigoid,Dermatomyositis,Lupus erythematosus,Pemphigus,Scleroderma,Vitiligo


Accepts new patients

Cosmetic Dermatology

Botox treatment for excessive sweating,Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen,Laser and light therapy,Medical microneedling,PRP (platelet-rich plasma),Skin analysis,Skin rejuvenation,Thread lifting,Vampire lifting/PRP treatment,Wrinkle treatment with Botox,Wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid or fillers

Forms of contact

By telephone

Hair and scalp disorders

Alopecia/Circular hair loss,Cradle cap,Hair loss,Scalp diseases,Scalp fungus,Scalp scaling

Hair treatments

Hair removal,Hair thickening,Vampire lifting (PRP)

Laser and light therapy

Age spot removal,Anti-aging,Mole removal,Removal of pigmented spots,Scar reduction,Tattoo removal,Treatment of stretch marks,Treatment of vascular diseases,UV light therapy,Vaginal tightening,Vascular laser


Close to public transport,Close to train station,In city center,Wheelchair-accessible

Practice type

Individual practice


Product shop

Sexually transmitted diseases

Chlamydia,Consultation,Fungal infections,Genital herpes,Genital warts,Gonorrhea,HIV/AIDS,HPV,Medical intervention,Mycoplasma,Syphilis,Tests

Skin and nail diseases

Abscesses,Acne,Allergies,Athlete's foot,Atopic dermatitis,Chronic wounds/Leg ulcers,Contact dermatitis and skin eczema,Diseases caused by skin parasites like lice, scabies, and ticks,Erysipelas,Excessive sweating/Hyperhidrosis,Fungal infections,Herpes simplex/Cold sores,Hives,Hypertrichosis,Lichen ruber planus,Mucous membrane diseases of the mouth and genitals,Nail fungus,Pregnancy dermatosis,Psoriasis,Rosacea,Shingles and herpes zoster,Skin diseases in diabetes mellitus,Sun allergy,Travel-related infections and tropical skin diseases,Warts

Skin diseases in children

Acne,Atopic dermatitis,Birthmarks/Moles,Diaper dermatitis,Eczema,Fish scale disease,Genetic skin disorders,Psoriasis,Rash,Sunburn,Warts

Skin treatments

Anti-aging,Care of one's face

Specialist area

Dermatologist / Dermatology

Specialization field

Autoimmune diseases,Hair,In-house laboratory,Practice pharmacy,Skin

Treatment by

Doctor (male)
Dermatology and venereologyAesthetic medicineLaser medical treatmentLaser cosmetic treatmentHair removalWaxingLaserDoctors

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