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All Movers in Geneva

A Oui Déménagement Suisse Europe. Conciergerie

Déménageur - Conciergerie - Location d'utilitaireMuafete Kapia
A Oui Déménagement Suisse Europe. Conciergerie logo

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A Oui Déménagement Suisse Europe. Conciergerie – Contacts & Location




ASTAG Specialist Groups

Furniture Transports

Apartment Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning,Upholstery Cleaning

Construction Cleaning

Ongoing Construction Site Cleaning and Final Cleaning

Corporate moves

Business relocation,Furniture logistics

Floor Cleaning

Floor Basic Cleaning

Forms of contact

By telephone

Glass/Wall Cleaning

Glass Facades, Windows, Blinds


Close to public transport,Parking site

Maintenance Cleaning

Industrial and Production Areas,Office Spaces, Meeting Rooms,Wet and Toilet Rooms

Means of Transport


Operational area


Private moves

Furniture transport,Private relocation

Service offerings

Cleaning,Disassembly and assembly,Packing service


Customs Clearance,Transport Insurance,Transport within Switzerland

Transport Routes


Types of Transport

Moving & Furniture Transport
MoversClearance servicesTransportCleaning company

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