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Centre of trichology and hair care

Hair, what to do? Much, because every hair problem has a solution!

CRLAB is the European leader in hair thickening and hair and scalp wellness.

CRLAB Swiss arises from the will and professionalism of two experienced and capable managers: Viviana Miacola, who has been managing since 1992 the CRLAB Center of Busto Arsizio - Varese and Stefano Benassi, who is General Manager for over 35 years.

An experience that has helped to build the Company's history, excellence and reputation combining a unique and proven technology with an empathic approach to customers.

CRLAB Swiss is sensitive to every single need and responds with customized solutions and products that allow you to feel better all day long, everyday. What we want to offer to our customers is the certainty of being able to lead an active life naturally, without compromises.


For over 50 years, hair care is our mission: we snuggle them, cure them, take care of them and save them. There are no problems that we can’t fix and we can say that during these years we have saved millions of hairs.

Through the clever work of well-established specialists, CRLAB' systems for care, prevention and thickening are scientifically proven and certified and represent the solution to all hair and scalp problems.

Non-invasive self-transplanting systems, multiple solutions, treatments and innovative trichological products are designed by CRLAB for all skins and hair problems of both men and women with the aim of preventing fall and maintaining the scalp healthy and vital.

A scalp without dandruff, excess of sebum or other ailments and abnormalities gives the pleasure of thick, healthy and beautiful hair: from a healthy scalp grow healthy hair.

Feeling good with ourselves is, for us, the first factor to feel comfortable with others.


Our dermatologically tested lines of trichological products associated with exclusive technologies

· Rehydrating anti-dandruff line with rhododendron plant stem cells that allows cell regeneration and rehydrates the scalp

· Anti-loss line with apple-tree stem cells that promotes hair anagen phase by improving microcirculation

· Sebum-regulating line with alpine star plant stem cells with astringent and regenerating properties

· Daily care line with products for daily and specific use to integrate the individual trichological lines



Our exclusive solutions

· Trichotest: In-depth anamnesis of scalp and hair using manual tests and specific software and microcameras to get an initial patient’s chart

· Hair implementation systems, patented and medically certified, with the use of untreated virgin human hair, totally handmade in Europe

· Fue or Fut auto-transplantation with mono-bulb hair sample to have your own hair reborn

· Stimulation of PRP stem cells to improve hair re-growth

We can therefore say that today being bald is a choice, because many solutions exist and consultation does not cost anything.

Call us right now to know what to do! Tel. 091 922 06 06

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