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All Butcher in Rüegsauschachen

Metzgerei Hähni AG

Butcher in Rüegsauschachen

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Metzgerei Hähni AG logo

Metzgerei Hähni AG – Contacts & Location




Festive Offers and Delicacies

Beef Fillet,Beef Ribeye,Beef Sirloin,Beef Skewers,Beef Tartare,Beef Tenderloin,Boiled Beef,Chicken Breast,Chicken Breast,Chicken Schnitzel,Chicken Skewers,Chinese Fondue,Lamb Fillet,Lamb Rack, Lamb Loin Fillet,Pork Chop,Pork Fillet,Pork Fillet in Pastry,Pork Loin,Pork Schnitzel,Pork Sirloin,Pork Steak,Smoked Meat,Veal Bratwurst,Veal Chop,Veal Crown Roast,Veal Fillet,Veal Kidney,Veal Schnitzel,Veal Sirloin,Veal Steak,Veal Sweetbreads

Forms of contact

By telephone,In-store,Online

Fresh Meat, Fish, and Seafood



In city center,Parking site,Wheelchair-accessible

Party Service / Catering

Grill Buffet,Grill Evening
ButcherSausagesGrocery storeMeatSlaughterhouse

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