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All Craniosacral therapy in St. Gallen

Wohlgenannt-Müller Isabelle

Craniosacral Therapie, Naturheilpraktikerin TEN, Energetik, Prä- und perinatale Integration
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Craniosacral therapy in St. Gallen

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Wohlgenannt-Müller Isabelle – Contacts & Location


Finden Sie zu Ihrer inneren Kraft und individuellen Gesundheit



Childhood illnesses / Conditions

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder),Aggression,Allergies,Anxiety disorder,Autism Spectrum Disorders,Chronic illnesses,Defiance,Developmental disorders,Eating disorders,Educational problems,Family difficulties,Infections,Parenthood,Puberty,Sleep disorders


Accepts new patients

Diagnosis & Assessment Based on Symptoms

ADHD,Abdominal Pain,Back Pain,Breastfeeding Problems,Bronchitis,Digestive Disorders,Dizziness,Growing Pains in Children,Headaches/Migraines,Infant with Colic,Infant with Regurgitation,Infant with Restlessness,Infant with Skull Asymmetry,Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS),Joint Pain,Learning and Concentration Difficulties,Limb Pain,Lower Abdominal Pain,Lower Back Pain,Memory Issues,Menstrual Problems,Muscle Pain,Patient's Case History,Rheumatic Pains,Rheumatological Disorders,Sinusitis,Stiff Neck,Stress and Anxiety,Teeth Grinding,Tinnitus,Upper Back Pain

Diagnosis & Assessment Based on Symptoms

ADHD,Back Pain,Sleep Disorders

Diagnosis & Assessment by Symptoms

ADHD,Sleep Disorders

Forms of contact

By telephone,In-store,Online


Close to public transport,Parking site,Wheelchair-accessible

Massage type

Pregnancy massage

Medical practice

Integrative pediatric medicine,Pediatric osteopathy

Occupational therapy

Pain therapy

Possible indications

Long Covid

Practice type

Individual practice


Collaboration with hospitals, specialists and therapists,Courses and coaching for parents

Specialist Physicians


Specialist area


Terms of payment


Therapy focus

Sleep disorders,Somatoform disorders

Treatment Focus

Adolescents,Adults,Children,Newborns,Pain Patients,Patients in Post-Traumatic Follow-Up,Women

Treatment Focus

Adolescents,Adults,Children,Elderly Individuals,Newborns,Pain Patients,Women

Treatment Focus Areas

Adults,Athletes,Children,Elderly Individuals,Pregnant Women & Postpartum Women

Treatment focuses


Treatments & Therapies

Complementary Medicine,Long-Term Treatment for Chronic Conditions,Manual Therapy,Natural Medicine,Osteopathy,Pain Management

Treatments & Therapies

Complementary Medicine,Long-Term Treatment for Chronic Conditions,Manual Therapy,Mother-Child Treatment,Natural Medicine,Osteopathy,Pain Therapy

Treatments & Therapies

Complementary Medicine,Cranio Sacral Therapy,Craniomandibular Therapy,Facial and Tissue Techniques,Functional Techniques,Holistic Treatment,Long-Term Treatment for Chronic Conditions,Mental Coaching,Migraine Therapy,Natural Medicine,Osteopathic Mechanical Link (OML),Parietal Joint Techniques,Postpartum Care,Pregnancy Support,Preventive Counseling,Senology Consultation,Structural Techniques,Vestibular Therapy,Visceral Therapy
Craniosacral therapyAlternative medicineEnergetic therapyBach flower remediesNaturopathy

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