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Glasses and contact lenses in Basel

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Frei Augen-Optik

Rauracherstrasse 33, 4125 Riehen
OpticianGlasses and contact lensesGlassesOptometry
We are committed to this:

We are delighted to always be there for you with innovative ideas! Our products meet the highest standards. We use the latest technologies and rely on top brand manufacturers. We offer our customers the best quality at a fair price. Our service leaves no wishes unfulfilled. Customer satisfaction remains our top concern and goal even after the purchase. Our range corresponds to the latest trends in eyewear fashion. We regularly renew our wide selection at international fairs. CONTACT LENSES Modern and perfectly fitted contact lenses are: comfortable and easy to handle affordable and tailored to your needs a supplement or a real alternative to glasses suitable for sports and water sports made of highly oxygen-permeable materials wearable only during the day or day and night also available in colored options upon request a genuine alternative to laser surgery embedded in an innovative service concept GLASSES Enjoying vision is quality of life Our eyes convey much more impressions than any other sense organ. For example, a warning like "Caution, danger!" can be life-saving. Seeing a person again brings joy, and many impressions also reach us through reading a text. However, glasses are also closely related to appearance: the personality of a person is emphasized by a carefully selected pair of glasses and can thereby gain charisma. Choosing a pair of glasses also has a lot to do with the empathy and knowledge of the consultant. That's why our opticians are trained in facial typology and color and fashion style consulting. You are welcome to take your time to choose with us. We will help you select the most ideal model from over 1000 eyeglass and sunglasses models. Depending on your preferences, whether for more affordable or designer models. OPTOMETRY Optometry briefly explained Optometry aims to preserve and improve your visual acuity and eye health. The eyes are examined with modern technologies to find the best solutions for your visual comfort and eye care. The combination of an in-depth conversation, vision examination, and precise eye examination allows us to provide you with optimal advice. With the help of measurement results, we can recommend the best eyeglass lenses, contact lenses, or measures to promote your eye health or an appointment with an eye doctor.

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