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Doctors in Basel

: 651 Entries

Dr. med. Ludwig - Diouf Bettina

Wartenbergstrasse 9, 4052 Basel
Gynaecology and obstetricsGeneral internal medicineDoctors
Welcome to our friendly practice where we take time for you and your concerns.

Home What we offer Team Our Practice Contact My aim is to have a good personal relationship with my patients. In our quiet environment you can discuss your physical symptoms and if necessary, any other things which are affecting your health and well-being. I advise women on all manner of topics related to female health issues and illnesses. Your needs come first. My job is enriched by the opportunities to get to know diverse life stories of both girls and women of different nationalities. A conversation in German, English or French is therefore no problem. I have a good relationship with the University Hospital Women’s Clinic and with Bethesda Hospital and will liaise with them if needed. Gynaecology• Regular precautionary check-ups for early recognition of cervical cell changes (PAP)• Breast examination• Examination of the female organs and pelvic region• Ultrasound examinations• Advice on family planning and contraception• Treatment of menstrual problems, abnormal bleeding, hormonal issues• Consultations for teenagers, Fertility and problems with conception• Sexuality, sexual health and sexually-transmitted diseases• Consultations regarding breast diseases• Advice concerning conflict in pregnancy and desire for an abortion• Bladder problems • Osteoporosis• Advice and treatment in the menopauseAntenatal care• Check-ups during pregnancy• Ultrasound scans• General advice during pregnancy• Advice and information regarding pre-natal diagnosis options• Care after childbirth and while breast-feeding• Treatment for breast-feeding problems, in cooperation with midwives and breast-feeding advisors• Help with problems after birth, including psychological problems and post-natal depressionVaccinations

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