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Horticulture and garden maintenance in Bellinzona

Horticulture and garden maintenance in Bellinzona, recommended by local.ch

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Horticulture and garden maintenance in Bellinzona, top rated on local.ch

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Horticulture and garden maintenance in Bellinzona

: 38 Entries

Sgarbi SA

Via Riale Righetti, 6503 Bellinzona
Horticulture and garden maintenanceTree nurseryIrrigation, sprinkler systemsGarden maintenanceMarket garden
Giardini Sgarbi SA

Bring life to your garden Biotopes and ponds - the so-called wetlands - are a precious treasure for the environment from an ecological point of view. These graceful expanses of water also represent a real pleasure for the eyes and the senses thanks to the immediate sense of calm that they can convey. To allow you to create a relaxing corner directly in your home, we offer you the possibility of further beautifying your garden with a pond, where you can grow various aquatic plants as well as hosting fish, turtles and amphibians for the joy of adults and children. Sale The right essences for your space Is gardening your passion and does it no longer have any secrets for you? Or do you simply want to create a livelier atmosphere outside and inside your home but don't have the famous green thumb? At our store in Bellinzona you can satisfy all your desires. Flooring We create paths in your green space Do you want your garden to have a tidier appearance or do you want to create comfortable passages or spaces in which to install a barbecue area? Call us and we will meet your expectations! Thanks to our experience in the flooring field, we will design with you paths and surfaces in wood, granite, gravel, gneiss or tiles that are long-lasting and easy to maintain. We sell indoor plants, perennials or annuals, fruit plants as well as trees and shrubs. Come and visit us and we will be happy to advise you in the best possible way so that you can better understand and appreciate the wonderful world of greenery. Services: Parks, gardens and terraces Granite and wood flooring Granite walls, walkways and stairs Wooden pergolas, railings and screens Metal pergolas and fences Water features, waterfalls, ponds, fountains and biotopes Roof gardens and terrace greening Automatic irrigation systems Street furniture and playgrounds Greening structures and systems Garden construction Ponds and biotopes Paving Avenues and pathways Barbecue areas Irrigation We sell indoor plants, perennials and annuals, fruit plants as well as trees and shrubs. Come winter, we take care of your garden: Soil preparation Winter pruning Pruning fruit plants Planning next year Treatments Maintenance Garden cleaning Annual maintenance subscriptions

Rating 3.8 of 5 stars from 4 ratings

Open until 18:00 o’clock

Caccia Giardini Sagl

Via Locarno 45, 6516 Cugnasco
Horticulture and garden maintenanceTree careConstruction companyFences fence constructionLandscape design

Hello, I am a landscape gardener and my name is [Name]. I am passionate about nature and the beauty of outdoor spaces, and have dedicated my career to transforming outdoor environments into true green havens. My experience as a landscape gardener spans several years, during which I have worked on a wide range of projects, from residential garden design to public green areas and commercial spaces. I specialise in creating unique and customised gardens that reflect the needs and tastes of my clients, harmoniously combining natural and architectural elements. Throughout my career, I have acquired in-depth skills in plant selection, installation of efficient irrigation systems, and pest control. I use sustainable techniques to ensure respect for the environment and the conservation of natural resources. My knowledge of plant varieties and their requirements allows me to create gardens that thrive in every season, ensuring lasting beauty over the years. My work philosophy is based on collaboration with clients, listening carefully to their ideas and needs. I strive to provide a professional and high-quality service, taking care of every detail of the process, from project design to implementation. I am passionate about my profession and constantly seek out new inspirations and trends in the field of landscape design to offer innovative and cutting-edge solutions. In addition to garden design and creation, I also take care of the long-term maintenance of green spaces. I offer pruning, fertilisation, irrigation and disease control services to ensure that the garden remains healthy and lush over the years. If you are looking for a professional, creative and detail-oriented landscape gardener, I would be happy to work with you to transform your outdoor space into an oasis of natural beauty. Contact me to discuss your ideas and needs, and together we will create the garden of your dreams.

Open until 18:00 o’clock
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