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Psychiatry and psychotherapyin Bellinzona

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Psychiatry and psychotherapy in Bellinzona

: 15 Entries

Centro Psicoterapia Applicata Lic. psic. Luca Fongaro

Via Borghetto 1C, 6512 Giubiasco
Psychotherapy (General)Psychological counselingPsychologyPsychotherapy (Psychological psychotherapists)
Centro Psicoterapia Applicata di Giubiasco: Dove il Benessere Trova Strada

Welcome to the Applied Psychotherapy Center in Giubiasco, a cutting-edge institution in the field of psychology, psychotherapy, and education. Founded on principles of excellence and innovation, we are committed to providing targeted and timely solutions to meet the needs of our clients while carefully considering cost management. Our Unique Experience With years of experience in the psychology and psychotherapy sector, the Applied Psychotherapy Center in Giubiasco stands out for its deep expertise and knowledge. Our professionals are chosen among the best experts in the field, each possessing extensive training and specialization in various areas of mental health. Our Commitment to Solution The mission of our center is clear: to provide effective solutions that address our patients' needs in the shortest possible time. We understand the importance of resolving psychological challenges swiftly and efficiently, contributing to the overall well-being of our patients and enabling them to face life's challenges with greater resilience. Balancing Efficiency and Economy We are mindful of the importance of cost-effectiveness for our patients. For this reason, we tirelessly work to find solutions that are highly effective without burdening our patients financially. We believe that quality care should be accessible and sustainable for all those in need. Access Process and Reimbursements To access our center's services and benefit from reimbursements from the basic health insurance, a prescription from your primary care physician is required. This requirement is aimed at ensuring a multidisciplinary approach and comprehensive patient care. Once the prescription is provided, our team of highly qualified professionals will be ready to welcome you and guide you through the care journey. In summary, the Applied Psychotherapy Center in Giubiasco represents a beacon of excellence in the mental health landscape. Our experience, commitment to solution, attention to economic efficiency, and multidisciplinary approach set us apart as a reliable partner in your journey towards psychological well-being. We are here to offer the support you need, when you need it. Join us at the Applied Psychotherapy Center in Giubiasco and discover a new way to face life's challenges with confidence and resilience.

Closed - Opens Monday at 8:30 o’clock
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