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Albera Dao - Qi Gong - Massage Fribourg

Impasse de la Forêt 5, 1700 Fribourg
Health and sports massageMedical massageQi Gong

"Albera Dao offers treatments in :Chinese Therapeutic Massage, APM Therapy, Relaxing Massage, Qi Nei Zhang Belly Massage, Essential Oil Massage, Moxas, Thermotherapy, Therapeutic Qi Gong and Bach Flower Remedies. Weekly Qi Gong classes are open to all, as are Qi Gong courses and training courses in Massage, Moxas and Phyto-energetics. Consultations by appointment.Massage of the meridians and acupuncture points: This type of massage is mainly used to relieve muscular tension, joint pain, problems linked to digestion, the respiratory tract and blood circulation, as well as in cases of fatigue, depression, burnout, insomnia, dizziness, visual problems, gynaecological problems, unexplained pain and so on.It is an invaluable aid during heavy medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It is also a genuine preventive tool against all health problems. Massage of the 8 Marvellous VesselsAlso known as the extraordinary meridians massage, it is used to stimulate the body's defences by activating the 8 extraordinary meridians which lie deep down and are veritable reservoirs of energy.It is also very useful in cases of chronic illness, changes in life phase, depression and burnout, as well as for clearing up old memories and feeling unwell for no apparent reason. Belly massage - Qi Nei Zhang

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