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Winemakers in Cully

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Union Vinicole de Cully

Rue de la Gare 10, 1096 Cully
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L’Union Vinicole de Cully

Privileged Location In the heart of Lavaux, the Union Vinicole de Cully enjoys a privileged location at the crossroads of the Epesses and Villette appellations.Built on three floors, the winery building is located at the place called "Les Colombaires-Dessous", west of Cully, between the CFF station and the Corniche road. The cellarThe Union Vinicole de Cully is a cooperative winery, i.e. an association of independent winegrower-owners, grouped together to ensure that their harvest is vinified and marketed under the best conditions. Founded in 1937, the winery currently has 50 members. The supreme body of the cellar is the General Assembly. A committee, elected by the General Assembly, made up of seven members, meets regularly in order to manage the day-to-day business in the best possible way. The main persons in charge are : Mr. Bernard Bessat, President, Martin Morgenthaler, manager and Mr. Bernau, oenologist. White Wines THE REPLAN,EpessesGOLD BUTTONVilletteCULLYLavaux AOCLA CUVEE DES HELVETESVillette GRAND CRUSELECTED HARVEST "GRAND CRU".EPESSESRIEX, Lavaux A.O.C.HARVEST OF THE COMMUNECALAMIN A.O.C "Grand Cru" (Grand Cru)His ExcellencyDEZALEY A.O.C "Grand Cru" (Grand Cru)His ExcellencyLAVAUXA.O.CTHE COASTA.O.CTHE CELLAR KEEPER'S RESERVEChasselas RomandRed Wines RED SILVERROBERT PLANTRED DESIR, assemblyLavaux A.O.CTHE DOCTOR'S VATSelection Pinot-Noir RdPINOT NOIRHis Excellency, EpessesEPESSESGamayEPESSESPinot-NoirLAVAUX ROUGE A.O.CGrape variety assemblyVIEUX-SUISSEAssemblage of red grape varieties rdRosé Wines Oeil-de-PerdrixVaudois A.O.CROSE VAUDOISA.O.CSpecialty Wines NIGHT BLUESparkling wineHONEY MOONAssembly white vd A.O.C.CRI-DU-CŒURPinot Gris RomandTHE SEGNIREPassed from Lavaux A.O.C "doux". Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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Opens at 8:30 o’clock
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