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Endocrinology-diabetology in Dättwil AG

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Hausarztpraxis MZB AG

Fröhlichstrasse 5, 5200 Brugg AG
General internal medicineEndocrinology-diabetologyMedical centrePracticeMedical laboratory analysisDietary adviceDoctors
Welcome to the "Hausarztpraxis MZB AG"

We ask you to bring your insurance card and, if applicable, your vaccination certificate to your first consultation. If you are insured under the general practitioner model, the health insurance company requires you to consult your general practitioner first for all health complaints, unless this is not possible in an emergency. We family doctors can treat most illnesses ourselves. If necessary, we consult specialists or, in the case of several illnesses, coordinate the treatment with different specialists. We recommend this model because studies show that the quality of medical care is better and you can also save money. The "real GP models" are characterised by a contract between the health insurance company and the GP, in contrast to the so-called list models. We always try to keep to the consultation times and to improve our procedures. Nevertheless, please allow enough time. You will often receive your appointment 15 minutes before the scheduled doctor's appointment so that the practice assistants can carry out tests such as blood pressure measurement or blood sampling beforehand. We are a training and further education practice. It is therefore possible that you will be treated by a person in training. Through supervision adapted to the level of training, however, we can offer you the same medical standard, or you are even better cared for through the 4-eyes principle. The staff in training help us to keep up to date at all times. One doctor is always primarily responsible for you. This is documented in your medical history. Normally, you will receive an appointment with this doctor. In case of emergency or if the doctor is absent, you will receive an appointment with another doctor. In the case of chronic illnesses or if you have to take medication every day, we plan at least annual check-ups, depending on the situation. We check, for example, whether your blood pressure is well adjusted and whether there are indications of complications that require special measures. During these check-ups, we issue a permanent prescription for all medicines. You can hand this in at your pharmacy and pick up the medication you need there. For organisational reasons, we often schedule a blood test and/or other examinations before the consultation. If you do not wish to do this, it is always possible to discuss this first in the consultation. Please note, however, that our processes are coordinated and a new appointment may then have to be made for the examination. Please inform us at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot keep your appointment. We will otherwise take the liberty of charging you for the missed consultation.

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