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Mechanical workshop in Lausanne

Mechanical workshop in Lausanne, recommended by local.ch

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Mechanical workshop in Lausanne, top rated on local.ch

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Mechanical workshop in Lausanne

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de Siebenthal René & fils SA

Chemin de la Pensée 4, 1880 Bex
MetalworkingCNCPrecision engineering workshopMechanical workshop

Qualified workers, 26 modern and high precision CNC and conventional machines tools, an experimented knowledge of the mechanic's world since 1932, allow us to accept manufacturing as subcontractor, high precision skilled works on micromechanical parts or bigger dimensions one's as well, which could be machined on our machines tools.We serve different kind of industries such: the manufacturing industry, chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical, Bio-engineering, robotics and automation, food, lumber, watch, nuclear, automobile, aeronautics an space industries, high schools and universities, medical research and high vacuum technologyProgramming the machines is made with VIRTUAL GIBBS CAM thanks to the customer given blue prints, either in hard copy or under DXF, IGES, DWG, SDLPRT electronic support like CD, diskette or simply by E-Mail ( info@desiebenthal.ch ) Later the G-codes are directly sent to the machines by cables.The following machined operations can be performed in ours workshops like:Turning – threading – milling – shape milling – drilling – boring – taping – threads milling – profiling – broaching - sawing – engraving – honing – flat and cylindrical grinding – assembly – fitting – TIG welding – soft brazing – dimensional control with printed measures protocol – hardness and roughness controlAll of these on: Prototype, small series, from one part to full assembly in all metal materials like:carbon steel – cast iron – bronze – brass – copper – stainless steel – aluminum - titanium – tantalum – Hastelloy – Inconel – Monel –Invar – KovarOr non-metal materials such as:Graphite – PTFE – PP – PE – POMP – PVC – PEEK – VESPEL an fashionable ceramics like MACOR or STUMATIT.The products we have to manufacture, transform or repair are used in a wide range of the industrial world .

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